May 27 • 11:42 AM
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Food pantry thanks postal workers

The volunteers and clients at Linked Hearts food pantry in Dryden would like to thank their neighbors and postal workers for the food collected during the mail carriers' drive. It is heartwarming to know our friends and neighbors are so willing to give to those in need. Thanks to the postal workers for collecting the food and their help in bringing it to Linked Hearts. Both Dryden and Metamora post offices are greatly appreciated.


—Linked Hearts
May 23, 2017

Drama Club director thanks Tri-City Times

I want to say thank you so much to Tom Wearing and to Tri-City Times for taking the time and page space to promote our play, Beauty and the Beast. Things like this really keep the community updated on what's going on as well as boost our attendance. We really appreciate it!


—John Miles
May 23, 2017

Man takes issue with President Trump

This letter is to all the diehard Republican Trump supporters in Lapeer County. I encourage you to contact Trump and ask him to come to Lapeer and Detroit to save the 84 metal stamping jobs in Lapeer and the 1,400 salary jobs at Ford Motor Company. Remember he falsely claimed credit for saving a few jobs at Carrier, after Indiana state government gave Carrier huge tax breaks to stay in Indiana. I will assure you he will do nothing to save the jobs in Lapeer and Detroit.

I also encourage all of you Trump war hawks to join the armed services so you can see first hand what war is all about! You can pick North Korea, Syria, or Afghanistan as your duty station. After your baptismal under fire you will soon realize if Trump wants to wage war against any country, he should be the first to go and lead the charge, and leave our young men and women alone.

Remember during the Presidential campaign we heard from Trump supporters, "Lock Hillary up," however the new Democratic slogan should be, "Resist, impeach and lock Trump up."

His slogan is to "Make Russia Great Again at the Expense of American Security." I believe former FBI Director Mueller will lock Trump up after his Russian investigation and Congress will impeach him. What do you think? Let our local papers know.

—Gary L. Cooley
May 23, 2017

Pytleski fundraiser successful, thanks given

Loving our neighbor isn't always the easiest thing to do, even though we are commanded to. We get caught up in our own daily busyness and often times don't reach out the way we should.

On Sunday, May 7th, that was not the case. Hundreds of family, friends, and neighbors came out to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Imlay City to support my brother, Peter Pytleski, as he battles ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. Family and friends worked tirelessly to organize the dinner/auction.

We served over 500 homemade spaghetti dinners with fresh sausage donated from Steve Francis, owner of The Country Smokehouse. Thank you Steve.

Diners raved over the sauce, asking my sister Donna for her recipe!

We received 100 gift baskets from many gracious donors. Also donated were ten higher-priced items that we raffled off as well. The outpouring of love and support that permeated the hall was simply overwhelming.

There are no words, but there are many people and local businesses to thank: Louis Parsch and the Knights of Columbus Hall, Catherine Minolli and Tom Wearing from The Tri-City Times for telling his story and advertising the dinner.

Also helping us advertise far and wide, many thanks to Father Ward of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Imlay City; Father Treml of Ss. Peter and Paul, North Branch; Father Perrone of Assumption Grotto, Detroit and Father Mallia of St. Augustine, Richmond and Holy Family, Memphis parishes.

Imlay City McDonald's and Ray and Debbie Jackman for many needed dinner and dessert items; American Tree, Mandy J Florist, Hideaway Lanes, and Charlie Browns for lovely raffle items.

Pete Rayl of AP Gunworks Inc.; Gabe Kostiuk, owner of Preferred Seamless Gutters; Joe Israel, Almont Building Inspector and Vinckier Foods, Almont for donating four of the higher-priced raffle items.

Many happy diners left not only with a full stomach, but also with one or more of our amazing items from the raffle! With deep gratitude, thank you to all our donors.

It's in times like these that we all can come together and shine, loving our neighbor as we should. His fundraiser was an amazing example of just that. On behalf of my brother Pete and his family, I humbly thank you.

God bless,

—Beth Klein
May 23, 2017

Mitchell will gain respect by listening to all voices

Our District 10 Representative Paul Mitchell says he is firm in his commitment not to meet with his constituents in a public town hall. He's pretty sure that people will be rude to him. Mr. Mitchell is opposed to rude behavior, and meeting his constituents certainly has the potential for facing some upset folks who could be angry and might yell loudly and say things in an upset, angry tone of voice. Anger has been called a secondary emotion, connected to unmet needs. Like feeling scared because of facing bankruptcy due to overwhelming medical bills.

It has reached almost a moral issue with him, that he will not expose himself to angry, rowdy folks as some of his braver colleagues in the House of Representatives have. I can see why he would be hesitant, looking at a list of repeals to regulations that he has voted for, as listed in the article in the May 17 issue of the Tri-City Times.

Paul Mitchell voted to "reverse a Securities and Exchange Commission rule designed to discourage corruption, which energy companies viewed as too onerous." So he voted in favor of energy company corruption? I believe this regulation had to do with energy companies bribing foreign governments. Then he voted to repeal an FCC rule requiring Internet service providers to ask customers before sharing private information with advertisers. Yippee! Our Internet service providers can directly share our private information without asking. What, you're suddenly receiving ads on your computer after you filled a prescription at the local pharmacy for those same medications? Creep factor upgrade.

He proudly voted for the new Health Care Act. At the Port Huron Town Hall without Paul, one of the audience members read a long list of pre-existing conditions that again will be factors in our insurance costs and so our access to sickness care. We were asked to stand if we had one of these conditions. By the end of the list: allergies, asthma, eczema, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, liver disease, gall bladder disease, lupus, depression, anxiety, rape, to name a few, nearly the whole audience was standing. We all are affected by decisions being made in Washington.

Mr. Mitchell voted to repeal a regulation that protected streams from coal mining waste running into them. This repeal "ended the Department of Interior's Stream Protection Rule to benefit the coal industry" removing buffers zones, allowing streams to be contaminated by coal mining debris. Costing a fossil industry any money to require environmental protections would be "burdensome." The degrading and contamination of streams and rivers is also burdensome, Mr. Mitchell.

He voted to reverse a rule that restricted gun purchases by the mentally ill.

Mr. Mitchell, even though folks could be upset with you and say things like "how could you vote for this inhumane (health care) bill," I think you would do well to face your constituents in a town hall, show yourself, and listen to the range of voices all in one place at one time. Or even more than one time and place, as some of your colleagues do on a regular basis.

After you asked the Indivisible members at your office if they would "own the fools if they act up," I could ask you the same; not that you are responsible for the President's rash and impulsive behavior, but that you have yet to take a stand of independence from his clownishness, if you want to talk about circuses.

Come out and hold a public town hall next time you are in the district. Respect is a feedback loop. You will gain respect if you are able to listen to the people being impacted by your votes.

—Miriam Marcus
May 23, 2017

Mitchell absent from town hall meeting

I went to a Paul Mitchell Town Hall last Tuesday evening in Port Huron because I had a few issues that needed answers. It was sponsored by the St. Clair County Democratic Party and it seemed wonderful that Mitchell would take time to visit his constituents on the other side of the aisle. A strange thing happened, though. Congressman Mitchell wasn't there, but a cardboard cutout of him was behind a podium. People told their stories and asked questions, so I told the cardboard cutout my issues (maybe he had some kind of listening device on the cutout)? Of course, nobody got any answers. Later I picked up a few bits of information. Congressman Mitchell has no plans at all to ever hold a Town Hall. He said he wrote an editorial in the Detroit Free Press that people were disrespectful and rude to their representatives (I guess he isn't sure where the 10th district is), and I wondered how he knew that if he never held a town hall. Then I found out he told a group who offered to hold one that they had to "own the lunatics" that attended. I'm not saying there aren't any lunatics in Lapeer ("lunatic" means you disagree with his vote, FYI), but it's a pretty small number. Personally, Congressman Mitchell, I think it's crazy for a freshman congressman to refuse to meet the citizens he represents (don't you?). After all, you moved here and spent a few of your millions to get to Congress. Just sayin.'

—Cheryl Matas
May 17, 2017

Lum fire dept. fundraiser slated for May 20

Yep, it's that time of year again. Lum Firefighters are having their annual 'All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner.' Come on out to lil' ol' Lum for a fun night on the town. There will be 50-50 drawings along with about 100 items offered in a Chinese Auction.

The fundraiser will be held on Sat., May 20 from 4-8 p.m. at the Arcadia Township Hall. If you're not sure how to find the hall just go into downtown Lum, go west one block and turn south on "Pigtail Alley." You won't be able to miss it.

The cost is $5 each and children under 12 eat free. Remember this is "All You Can Eat." Where else can you take the whole family out for dinner so inexpensively?

So, bring yourself and your family out to lil' ol' Lum in the Thumb for an enjoyable evening of good food, good fun and good visiting with family, friends and neighbors.

The Lum Firefighters say 'Thank You' to all those who donated in the past and continue to do so and to all new donors this year. You are all so very much appreciated. Without you we wouldn't continue to have such successful Spaghetti Dinner fundraisers. All proceeds from these fundraisers are used to purchase new equipment.

Hope to see you there!


—Ray Swain
May 17, 2017

Help beautify butterfly garden May 20

I just want to say thank you to a special gal in town. Kelly Villanueva was one of the first people I met after moving to Imlay City. She made me feel instantly welcome. Over the years, I have seen her work tirelessly to promote our fair city. She works behind the scenes to bring new ideas to beautify and entice folks to enjoy our small town atmosphere. Her most recent endeavor is the new Butterfly Garden on Third Street. Not only is she the chairperson for the Imlay City Parks and Recreation Board, it was her idea to take an unsightly piece of property next to the railroad and turn it into a beautiful haven to help our resident butterflies (and other pollinators) find much needed nectar. Despite her very busy schedule of business, family and community, Kelly has single-handedly planted dozens of lovely plant specimens she has gathered from around town.

This Sunday (May 21, 9:00 a.m.) is a planned work day in the garden. Let's see how many folks we can get to help this hardworking lady. Look for us on Third Street near Handley Street this Sunday.

—Lois Rheaume
May 17, 2017

More opinion on marijuana, sanctuary cities and Trump

Regarding the Letters to the Editor in the May 3, 2017 issue, I had to chuckle, and cringe, at the writer's comparisons to the choices a single mom had to make to support her family in Venezuela and a second one in California. The writer throws his comparison out the door with his quip about the "horrible illegal aliens." Most immigrants come here any way they can to find a safe environment for their families. They want to work to make a living for them. Because "we" have made it difficult for them to get here legally, they, out of great need and fear, take the risky way of getting here any way possible. "We" have no trouble hiring them to do our yard work, work in restaurant kitchens, be nannies, perform day labor and small factory work, and pick our crops. "We" look the other way when it benefits us. To lump all the illegals as criminals is criminal on the writer's part. They are humans that love their kids and are trying at minimum wage to make a better life.

I am sure the writer was referring to marijuana as the "drug," as he's been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies. Cannabis, used for Parkinson's disease, chronic back pain, end of life cancer patients, is not habit forming, doesn't destroy your liver like the narcotics the pharmaceutical companies push. And if taken orally and not smoked, it doesn't harm your lungs, either. The writer is misinformed. The prescription narcotics that are legal by the writer's standards are what is harming us, and are addictive.

If "you all" behind the tweets don't bother to fact check and follow like lambs because of a personality and all his lies, it is sad for all of us. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Be careful what you "take in" as the truth. There is not much of it being passed out in this administration.

Sanctuary cities, I applaud them. There are less dangerous criminals with our immigrant society than in our legal citizen society.

The way the Republicans that believe the half truths and outright lies that "Drumpth" puts out is appalling. I am equally appalled by the white supremacist hate cloaked in "Christianity." The "me first greed," the notion that money is more important than our environment will destroy us all.

No matter how this president lies and is disrespectful toward women and other religions, don't let it bother you that he is destroying our environment, or that he puts money before our children's health and education, or that he is involved with Russia. He is a "white man first" individual.

Instead, raise your right hand with fist closed and shout "Heil Drumpth," and follow him into hell. Don't forget that Got made all of us, not just white Americans.

—Name withheld upon request
May 17, 2017

Schickler students spread sunshine

Third and 4th graders at Schickler Elementary in Lapeer raised their own money to put together 'Sunshine Bags' for the McLaren Hospice program.

These care packages for patients of our Hospice program are based on small everyday needs such as lip balm, lotion, socks and playing cards that patients and families often find useful during hospice care. The students put together 30 bags last year, and have already doubled their donation for this year!

The bags are going to be donated by the students to representatives of our Hospice program on June 1 at 1 p.m. at the elementary school, which is located at 2020 W. Oregon St. in Lapeer. These care packages will then be distributed directly to patients in our Lapeer/Davison/Flint service area. We are grateful to the students for their efforts and support.

—Heather Wenzel
May 11, 2017

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