August 14 • 10:05 PM
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Fear-mongering scares people from facts

In the August 1 edition of the Tri-City Times, Norm Hughes stated in his "31st District race 'dirty'" letter to the editor, that "Gary Glenn thinks the U.S. Constitution needs to be enforced, not gutted or replaced. Kevin Daley supports new U.S. Constitutional Convention in these turbulent times- way too risky!"

I believe that this is a total misrepresentation and twisting of the truth. Please allow me to set the record straight.

When he says "Gary Glenn thinks the U.S. Constitution needs to be enforced, not gutted or replaced," he is referring to the pocket-sized U.S. Constitution, but that's not what the government is restricted to anymore. They rule over us using the almost 4,000 page "annotated constitution" which is the size of a library's dictionary due to all of the changes made to our Constitution by Supreme Court rulings.

And, when he says "Kevin Daley supports new U.S. Constitutional Convention in these turbulent times—way too risky!" he is referring to the Convention of States project which Mr. Daley has shown his leadership by supporting to change the Constitution back to the original limits it had on the government. It is not a "Constitutional Convention" (which is formed to write a new constitution) but an Amendment Convention (which is formed to discuss suggesting specific amendments to the Constitution) which have to be agreed to by both chambers of legislators in 38 States before anything can be changed.

This fear-mongering is designed to scare off people from the facts. But, when people check for themselves and learn the truth, they become supporters.

Please watch Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News at 10 p.m. on August 19 when Mr. Levin will spend the hour discussing the Convention of States project. Then you will see the truth and I bet you join with me and the over 35,000 (and growing every day) petition signers in Michigan alone calling for a Convention of States. You can also go to for facts supporting my assertions with complete documentation.

Thank you,

—Harry D. Akers
August 08, 2018

Sharkey follows campaign sign laws

The good people of this community have asked me: Why am I not taking the campaign for Probate Court Judge seriously; where are my campaign signs?

I tell them I am entirely serious and motivated to seek the probate judgeship. From the very beginning, in order to get my name on the ballot I had to collect at least 400 signatures on petitions—we exceeded 800 signatures. Furthermore, supporters of mine have seen Scott's campaign signs up and have called me requesting campaign signs to put up in their yards. I have had to tell them my name is not on the August 7, 2018, primary ballot and neither is Scott's. You won't get a chance to vote for me until the November 6, 2018, general election. The campaign laws in almost all of the County's township, village and cities that I am aware of expressly prohibit both Scott and me from putting up any campaign signs any earlier than 30 days prior to our election. As the Lapeer County Prosecuting Attorney and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Lapeer County, how hypocritical, deceitful and foolish would I look if I did not follow the law? Scott should answer why he thinks the same laws don't apply to him. I reassure my supporters by telling them I have every intention of putting up campaign signs at the appropriate time as provided under the law.

—Mike Sharkey
August 08, 2018

Firefighters raise funds for scholarship

We wish to express our most sincere thanks and appreciation to the Imlay City and Goodland Township fire departments for their generous donation to the Kevin Homer Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The firefighters were able to raise more than $1,800 during the annual "Pass the Boot" collection during the demolition derby at the Eastern Michigan State Fair.

We also want to thank everyone who donated so generously to the fund, which raises money for scholarships for Imlay City students who pursue careers in the fields of law enforcement and public safety.

This donation means a lot to our family, especially as we acknowledge the two-year anniversary of Kevin's passing.

The Fair has meant a lot to Kevin and to our family over the years.

We are pleased that our firefighters and local residents are willing to support young people who are interested in going into these professions.

We know your support of the Kevin's fund would make him very happy and very proud.

Thank you all.


—The family of Officer Kevin Homer,
August 08, 2018

Gary Glenn has my vote

As a paraprofessional working in the Tuscola Intermediate School District, I know the impact legislators have on public education.

One legislator who has improved this sector is Gary Glenn. He has spoken out against Common Core; the education of our children should utilize evidence-based techniques, not federally mandated, untested curriculum. Curriculum should be chosen by a teacher who knows the needs and learning styles of students in their classroom.

We need legislators who communicate with educators and support their endeavor to effectively train students. Gary Glenn did just that when he toured the special-needs school I work at in October of 2017. He met with administration and learned about our education and therapy services. This level of personal interest demonstrates his care and commitment to education and educators. I will proudly vote Gary Glenn for State Senator on August 7.

—Timothy Spencer
August 01, 2018

Daley not typical politician

My old man used to say that your best friend could decide one day to become a politician, and he'd instantly turn from a good guy to a crook just for running for office. Most politicians are probably like that, but thankfully we have one who is better—Kevin Daley. I'll be making sure to vote for Kevin Daley for our next Senator this Tuesday.

I don't always vote because I don't always like the politicians. Kevin Daley is different. He's a down-to-earth farmer guy I can trust to represent me. He's honest, caring, and looks out for folks like me. Kevin is not the kind of guy who is always trying to grab attention or say "look at me, look what I did!" He cares more about getting stuff done, and getting it done right, than about who gets the credit. I bet that's because he's lived on the same farm his whole life and knows that it's more important to do the job than get praised for doing it. For a politician he sure doesn't have much of an ego!

I think that's the biggest difference in why I'm voting for Kevin Daley. Kevin is an upright, good natured man who I can trust to vote on things for our people. When he's been attacked unfairly and untruthfully in this campaign, he's stayed true to his nature and not played dirty himself. That's a kind of guy I can get behind. Unlike most politicians who are in it for the money or the name, Kevin is just one of us. And that's why I'll be voting for him this Tuesday for Senator.

—Alan Poehl
August 01, 2018

Supporting Kevin Daley

I will be voting for Kevin Daley for State Senate in the Republican primary on August 7, and, I hope you do too! Kevin has integrity, is down to earth, hardworking, and a common-sense conservative. He is a good person who wants to make a difference for us.

Not only is Kevin a man of high character, but he's a lifetime resident that understands the people of this district. He is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-farm. He voted for over a billion dollars in reduced taxes, cutting government fraud and waste, and helped turn our state around.

I hope you'll join me in voting for an honest and straight-up guy, Kevin Daley, in the Republican primary on August 7. He is exactly who we need to be our voice in government.


—Georgia Wright
August 01, 2018

31st District race ‘dirty’

Regarding the race for the 31st District State Senate race, I have known and liked both men for many years. I have never seen such a dirty legislative campaign as in this state senate race. Calling your opponent a swamp snake with a python slithering and the opponent's face on? Three huge expensive mailed cards in one day from "Faithful Conservatives," IMHO a phony left wing tax increasing establishment front for influence peddlers who buy and sell politicians. That followed by a call from "Michigan Power"—all supporting Kevin Daley and slamming Gary Glenn. One card Glenn for pay to play. Such hypocrisy! Way over the top!

Gary Glenn thinks the U.S. Constitution needs to be enforced, not gutted or replaced. Kevin Daley supports new U.S. Constitutional Convention in these turbulent times— way too risky!

The facts are, Gary Glenn has been a much more effective legislator than Kevin Daley was. Gary was elected Associated Speaker Pro-Tem at the beginning of his 2nd term. Kevin never rose to leadership. Daley takes credit for Freedom To Work but we didn't know until the vote what he would do. Glenn was there all the way. Putting huge taxes on the ballot was anti-taxpayer. Kevin did that.

People in Michigan pay twice as much for energy as people in Toledo from the same utility. The utilities are embarked on a huge renewable redundancy that is not cost effective and will at least double rates. I want a champion that will break up the utility monopoly and let the free market decide where we get energy from. Sorry, Kevin, this vote is for Gary Glenn.

—Norm Hughes
August 01, 2018

Nicholl stands out in 81st District race

Voting is important! Out of eight candidates for 81st District Michigan House of Representatives Kenneth Nicholl stands out. He is the Super-intendent of Yale Schools, 3rd degree member Knights of Columbus, endorsed by Right to Life Michigan, NRA member to name a few.

Too many voters fail to vote in primary elections, but the primaries usually determine the person who will represent our district. I have personally met Mr. Nicholl, finding him an excellent choice and my choice. Do vote and vote for Kenneth Nicholl for 81st District State Representative.


—David Naeyaert
August 01, 2018

Thank you to volunteers, community

I would like to thank the many volunteers, community businesses and area agencies that work together to create so many summer activities for local residents and their families. The time and commitment they dedicate to making our town, a great place to live, work and play, is greatly appreciated.

I would like to give a special thank you to Lakestone Bank and Trust, Botanas El Paiza, Imlay City Fire Department and the Michigan Humanities Council.

Lakestone Bank and Trust, once again, generously supported the annual Ice Cream Social in Downtown Imlay City, including volunteers to dish out the cold treat, popcorn and balloons.

Botanas El Paiza graciously donated homemade popsicles that were provided to children attending the Popsicle Plus summer concert and Kids' Day at the Market.

Imlay City Fire Department quickly stepped up to provide a fire truck tour and water fun to families at Kids' Day at the Market.

Michigan Humanities Council has kindly supported the 2018 Summer Concert Series through funding Rich Eddy's Rockin' Oldies Band and Guy Louis' World of Music.

These summer event favorites are a great success due to the kindness and generosity of supporters such as Lakestone Bank, Botanas El Paiza, Imlay City Fire Dept., and MI Humanities Council.

It is always a pleasure to work with local businesses, agencies, and volunteers to deliver fun and smiles to area residents. The value of the support given to downtown Imlay City's summer activities is immeasurable in what they offer to local families, businesses and the community.


—Sarah Graver, Farmers Market Manager and Entertainment Coordinator
August 01, 2018

Support new fire hall on August 7

On Tuesday, August 7, the residents of Imlay City will be asked to support a 2.043 mill ballot proposal to build a new and much-needed fire hall.

With new businesses and a new senior citizen complex coming to town in the near future, our current fire hall can no longer keep up with the needs and demands required of a modern fire department.

As a lifelong resident and taxpayer in Imlay City, I strongly support the millage as a way to better protect our residents' lives and properties.

I do not take this position lightly. As a concerned resident and Imlay City Commission member, I have seen the inadequacies that exist at the current fire hall downtown.

Not only do I support our volunteer firefighters who dedicate themselves to protecting our lives and properties, our city could become at risk in the near future.

With growth of Imlay City inevitable, we need to provide services and facilities that will serve us well into the future.

A new fire hall would demonstrate our support for our firefighters and show our pride in the community we live.

All the preliminary work and planning have been completed.

Now it's up to Imlay City residents to decide if we want a new fire hall.

I feel we owe it to our firefighters and to ourselves to support the millage on August 7.


—Al Ramirez
August 01, 2018

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