September 24 • 08:42 PM
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Pink Out a great tribute to Lori Ferrett

Allan Ferrett and family would like to thank everyone for the support from family, friends, businesses and the Dryden community we have received for the loss of my wonderful wife, Lori. Words cannot express the unbelievable number of cards and prayers we have gotten. Also, we would like to thank the Dryden community for the Pink Out week, and the people that did an amazing job of putting it together. It was a great tribute to Lori. Thank you again and may God bless you all.

—Al Ferrett
September 20, 2017

FOC looks to resolve bench warrants

In August, the Friend of the Court conducted a Bench Warrant Arrest Program in conjunction with the Lapeer County Sheriff's Department.

This initiative involves a Friend of the Court Enforcement Officer and a Lapeer County Deputy going to residences and places of employment to make arrests or attempt contact with bench warrant subjects.

The Lapeer County Friend of the Court currently has over 700 civil bench warrants for failure to appear at show cause hearings. Warrant sweeps will continue in the upcoming months. The intent of this program is to enforce Court Orders involving child support.

The Friend of the Court would much rather work with parties to create an amicable resolution; however, when parties refuse to comply with Court Orders no other option may exist short of incarceration. Anyone who wishes to resolve their bench warrant should call Lapeer County Friend of the Court at (810) 667-0377 and schedule an appointment with their caseworker. The Lapeer County Friend of the Court is located at 255 Clay Street, Lapeer MI 48446. Case information, including bench warrant status, is available to Friend of the Court clientele, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using either an Interactive Voice Response System (877) 543-2660; or MiCase Web Site at

—Michael D. Hodges
September 20, 2017

Republican Party is frightened of being governing party

WHY?—An open letter to Congressman Paul Mitchell.

When the Tea Party became prominent the Republican Party candidates told the voters that, if elected, taxes would be lowered and Obamacare repealed. Voters gave them control of the House of Representatives. What got done? Nothing, but they explained if you give us control of the Senate then we can do wonderful things.

In 2014 the voters gave them the Senate. What got done? Nothing, but they explained that is because Obama would veto whatever we pass so we need the White House.

In 2016 voters gave them the White House. What campaign promises has the Republican Congress kept so far? None (although one can argue the Supreme Court appointment was a kept promise of the President).

If elected, we will repeal and replace Obamacare was shouted from the rooftops. When it came time to do so Republicans failed.

Congressman, why should I ever vote Republican again?

Senators and Representatives that voted for repeal of Obamacare during the Obama administration had a change of heart. When it came time to actually repeal Obamacare they voted against doing so. It was easy to vote to repeal when one knew Obama would veto the bill and it would never pass. When it came time to vote when the vote actually meant something those Republicans were nowhere to be seen.

Congressman, why should I ever vote Republican again?

We were told that the infrastructure of the nation is collapsing. Republicans intend to pass the largest infrastructure bill ever. Has it even seen the light of day in Congress? No.

Congressman, why should I ever vote Republican again?

Illegal immigrants have been pouring across our borders. Children brought here illegally by their parents were effectively legitimized by Obama's unconstitutional executive order (DACA). We heard promises that DACA would be eliminated and a wall would be built. What action has been taken to remedy the illegal immigration problem? Virtually nothing and now we hear the President has cut a deal with the Democrats to allow the "dreamers" to stay with a path to citizenship with the blessing of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Has the wall been built? No. Is this what we voted for in 2016? No.

Congressman, why should I ever vote Republican again?

Corporate taxes were going to be reduced to 15%. Individual tax rates would be cut dramatically. The internal revenue code was going to be completely rewritten with the loopholes removed. What has been done so far? Nothing. And it appears that no Democrats will get on board so the outcome will likely be an example of "putting lipstick on a pig."

Congressman, why should I ever vote Republican again?

The Republican Party has no equal when it comes to criticizing Democrats when Democrats are in power. The Republican Party talks a championship game. But, when it comes to real participation it is a "no show."

The Republican Party appears to be incapable of governing. Getting all Republicans moving in one direction, towards one goal, is similar to herding cats. It can't be done. It seems that the Republican Party loves being the "opposition party" but is frightened of being the "governing party."

It might be time for the elimination of the Republican Party and for a new party to be formed that will actually represent the will of the people as opposed to the east coast political elites inside the Washington beltway.

I'd like an answer to my question Congressman. Why should I ever vote Republican again? If the past is any guide to the future it would be a wasted vote.

—John L. Lengemann
September 20, 2017

All welcome to Ezra Project family fest

All are welcome to join in the Ezra Project—Word Alive Family Fest and Public Bible Reading which will be held at the historic Courthouse in downtown Lapeer from Thursday, Sept. 21 through Sun., Sept. 24.

The following is a schedule of events:

•Thurs., 9/21/17—7 p.m.—Dan Dodge & The Huronia Brass Quintet; Vocals by Pastor Donnie Lackey; presentations by The Moral Outcry & Awaken the Dawn; refreshments

•Fri., 9/2217—6:30 p.m., praise music by David VanWingerden & Katie VanCleave; cellist Josie Smith; Community Art by Kendra Petty; Pastor Stephen Krist's Movie REAL at the PIX Theater

•Sat., 9/23/17—10 a.m., Gourd art by Lucy Scheer; Belly Button Love author Kelly Hagen; Flash Mob by Roberta Eckel & Carla Chandler; The Jumpin' Allstars; LCS Superintendent Matt Wandrie music; illusionist/musician Ray Champion; Authors' Corner/speakers and book signings by seven local authors; Fun Zone; Community Art Project; Pop-up Drama by Julie Heisler, Diane Jones & Lorie Maines; Farmers' Market will be open until at least 3 p.m.; Joel Tay at 6 p.m.—a special presentation by Creation Ministries International; refreshments.

•Sun., 9/24/17—10 a.m.-3 p.m. open air service; music; baptisms; free food (Hillside Discipleship & St. Matthew Anglican Churches); Fun Zone; Community Art Project; Native American flute; worship music; another timely message (New Beginnings Family Church & The Hub Fellowship).

•Sun., 9/24/17—Joel Tay will speak at Imlay City Christian Reformed Church at 10 a.m. and First Baptist Church of Lapeer at 6 p.m. (see website for his bio).

See our Facebook event page: The Ezra Project - Word Alive or go to:


—Nancy Thompson
September 14, 2017

Gerrymandering takes our voice away

Something called gerrymandering does take our voice away. In Michigan, the party that is in control at the time we finalize the Census gets to set up our voting districts which remain in effect for the next ten years. Gerrymandering allows that party to slice and dice the districts in such a way that that they can guarantee their likelihood of winning.

Take a look at a map of our oddly-shaped voting districts, pretty much literally illustrating the problem. Gerrymandering has been around a long time, but with new technologies, the problem is worse. The slicing and dicing can be done with great accuracy to grab and move the right voters to the needed districts.

Imagine being a representative in a "safe" district. Would you worry about what your constituents think if you know that you are likely to get re-elected no matter how you vote in Washington or Lansing?

If it angers you that each political party has used this to their advantage and to close your voice out, there IS something you can do.

A group called Voters Not Politicians is busy circulating petitions so we can vote to establish an independent commission of 13 citizens to set up our voting districts and take it out of partisan hands.

Look for a petition to sign, or better yet, volunteer to help get signatures so we can vote to change our highly gerrymandered state.

Check them out at:

Here is your chance to take a stand that will make our votes matter.

—Carolyn Medland
September 14, 2017

Record funding greets area students

School districts across Michigan will soon open their doors for a new year following the summer break, and they will be in line for a record amount of state school aid.

All K-12 schools in Lapeer County will receive an additional $120 per student in state funding in the coming fiscal year, which is twice the base amount of $60 per pupil. That added amount is being allocated to bridge a funding gap between rural schools and wealthier, urban districts.

Schools in more rural areas have been underfunded for years, and the Legislature has recently begun sending more state money to those districts to make up for earlier shortages. It's important that we invest in a good education for all children in the state so they have a promising future, be it going to college or directly entering the workforce after graduation.

Funding is also increased in the 2017-18 budget for students who might not choose to pursue a four-year college degree. Some high-school graduates want to learn skilled trades and enter the workforce with abilities that are in high demand right now. With the proper training, these young people can make good wages, and there are many in-demand jobs available for skilled workers with the right qualifications.

As your state representative, I was involved in budget discussions this spring and voted for the funding increases.

The schools in the communities I serve are estimated to receive the following school budget increases:

•Almont Community Schools, $271,043;

•Chatfield School, $85,277;

•Dryden Community Schools, $107,664;

•Imlay City Community Schools, $531,291;

•Lapeer Community Schools, $1,152,319;

•North Branch Area Schools, $510,153.

—Gary Howell, State Representative
September 06, 2017

Suncrest Auxiliary Tag Day is set for Sept. 8

Once again the Suncrest Auxiliary Tag Day is just around the corner. On Friday, September 8, Auxiliary members will be out in force at various business locations to collect your generous donations.

Please give as much as your budget will allow. Every penny is spent for the benefit of the residents at Lapeer County Medical Care Facility most commonly known as Suncrest.

The Suncrest Auxiliary thanks everyone in the community who so generously support our cause. We are forever grateful and we appreciate all that you do. We also thank the Suncrest staff and the Auxiliary volunteers.

To be commended are the officers who lead the Auxiliary with dedication and commitment. They are President Jerrie Thompson, 1st Vice President Donna Camehl, 2nd Vice President Debbie Germaine, Secretary Judi Ramirez, Treasurer Judy Shockey and Memorials Carol Grumley.

Also serving are Rose Klein, Publicity & Resident Entertainment Planner; Carla Miller, Devotions; Co-Chairs of Nut Sales, Judy Shockey and Carol Grumley. Co-Chairs for Tag Day are Linda Helfer and Jerrie Thompson. With your help this is what make s our organization so successful. So people get ready and greet the Suncrest members in their familiar wine colored aprons as they go about collecting your contributions!

If you are interested in joining the Auxiliary, dues are only $2 a year. The Auxiliary meets the third Monday of each month except December. Meetings are held at Suncrest Medical Care Facility, 2nd Floor Dining Room. Lunch is served at noon followed by the meeting at 1 p.m.

The Suncrest Auxiliary is a tax exempt organization created to provide aid and assistance to our residents. If you desire, you can make your tax deductible donation payable to Suncrest Auxiliary, c/o Lapeer County Medical Care Facility, 1455 Suncrest Drive, Lapeer, Michigan 48446 or for more information contact Jerrie Thompson at 810-664-3400.


—Rose Klein, Publicity
August 30, 2017

School supplies list is available online

Parents from local schools have a new tool in their back-to-school bag of tricks this year as all of their school's supply lists are now posted on

With just one or two clicks, parents can find their child's exact supply list and then click right over to pre-filled shopping carts on Target, Walmart, or Amazon to purchase their list and have it shipped right to their home. Target and Walmart also offer in store pick-up. Super easy, super convenient.

The site already includes lists for:

•Almont Elementary, Almont

•Almont Middle School, Almont

•Borland Rd. Elementary, Imlay City

•Capac Elementary, Capac

•Orchard Primary School, Almont

•Weston Elementary, Imlay City

For decades, the supply list process has been a frustration for parents. Where to find the lists? When are they available? Forgetting the list on the counter at home. Hunting the aisles for the specific items their teacher has requested. All of those issues are solved with TeacherLists.

More than 50,000 schools now have lists posted on TeacherLists. Lists for more than 1 million classrooms are live on the site and include required and requested items as well as specific notes and clarifications from teachers and school staff.

Complete details and all the lists are available at

—John Driscoll
August 30, 2017

Matching funds needed by Sept. 30

The Friends of the Polly Ann Trail are in the midst of a fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 as a required match for our request for $300,000 from the DNR to improve and resurface the Polly Ann Trail from Imlay City to Dryden.

If we can raise the funds, and if our grant request is approved by the DNR, the trail will be resurfaced with 8" of crushed limestone; six culverts will be built; two bridge approaches will be reconstructed which will be ADA compliant; and the drainage issues on the trail will be resolved.

So far, the Friends of the Polly Ann Trail has committed to providing $25,000, the Lapeer County Community Foundation has agreed to contribute $25,000 and we have grant requests pending with other foundations as well, including the DTE Foundation. We are partnering with Patronicity at where donations are accepted by debit or credit card.

We anticipate that we will need to raise approximately $30,000 from individuals in the community. As of August 16, 2017, we have raised $7,191 from individuals toward our remaining match amount of approximately $30,000. We have until September 30, 2017 to raise the total amount of $100,000.

In addition to donating through Patronicity, checks may be sent to the Friends of the Polly Ann Trail at P.O. Box 123, Dryden, MI 48428.

Any support that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

—Barbara Yockey, Board Member
August 30, 2017

Tea Party meeting scheduled Sept. 5

The next general meeting of the Lapeer County Tea Party will be Tues., September 5, at 7 p.m. at the Mayfield Township Hall, 1900 N. Saginaw St., Lapeer.

Ed Ronders, Director of Lapeer County Veterans Affairs, will be our guest speaker. He will talk about what's been accomplished in Congress for our veterans. He will also talk about what new programs have been instigated for our local veterans, and what still needs to be done. I know that all of us are concerned about taking care of our veterans.

In our agenda we have saved time for our other political friends that often stop by and want to share issues that are of interest to our citizens.

You will have a chance to ask them questions and hear their answers. You can count on the Lapeer County Tea Party to help you keep track of what our elected officials are doing.

Please follow our website at, our postcard program and our "letters to the editor." Our Tea Party was created to inform and educate voters about current issues in our federal, state and local governments.

As always, our meetings are free to the public. We also have a 50/50 drawing with the winner announced at the end of each meeting.

We invite you and your friends to the Lapeer County Tea Party to get the most updated news from your elected officials and those involved in making decisions for our hometown.

Hope to see you there.

—Tim Lintz, Director
August 30, 2017

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