December 16 • 08:33 PM
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Generosity appreciated

The Imlay City Downtown Development Authority and Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the community for their support of the 8th Annual Winter Playground held in downtown on Friday, November 30.

Thank you also to our sponsors: Doug Halabicky- State Farm, Vintech Industries, Tri-County Bank, Chemical Bank, Barb Yockey Law Office, Springfield Industries, Imlay City Dental, Imlay City Rotary Club, and Liebler Insurance Agency. We would like to thank the merchants who hosted an activity during the event: A Million Dreams Studio, Hiram's Tavern, Eden's Attic, Somewhere in Time Photography, The Print Shop, Hispanic Service Center, King and King C.P.A.s, Family Hair Care, 123 EscapeRoom, Ruth Hughes Memorial Library, Narayan Pharmacy, Total Urgent Care, and Imlay City Florist.

Also thank you to our Department of Public Works, Imlay City Fire Department, Imlay City Police Department, Mayor Joi Kempf, Tom Youatt, Julie Salsido and Ian Kempf for their help in making the evening a success. The DDA and Chamber greatly appreciate the community's support of the event and for supporting our local businesses this holiday season.

—Dana Walker, Director Imlay City DDA
December 13, 2018

Thank you Maria Brown

A huge 'thank you' to Maria Brown for her interest and time wanting to hear therapy dog Rein Sellard's life story and the good deeds we try to deliver when we are out and about with both Rein and her kitten Dalai Rae.

We hope Maria's article will touch the hearts of her readers, and bring a smile to their faces, knowing there are more great rescue stories out there, and possibly urge more folks to visit the local shelters and pet stores that have weekend pet adoption days.

Thank you again,

—Maureanne Bennie and crew
December 13, 2018

Community made event a success

The Almont Downtown Development Authority wishes to extend our sincere appreciation for all the businesses, organizations and individuals who helped make our 21st Annual Holly Day Light Parade a success despite the cold and rainy evening.

With 22 parade participants, it was a magical evening had by all. The DDA is very appreciative and grateful to the following sponsors for their support:

Creekside Hearth & Patio, Almont Lions Club, Almont Community Park Board, Dr. Jay Vanderest, First Independent-Descamps Agency, Spring Dynamics, Inc., Tri-County Bank, Lakestone Bank & Trust, ROWE Professional Services Company, Country Smoke House, Novak's Supply, Orchard Arbor #794 of the Gleaner, Charlie Brown's, and Law Offices of Eric Flinn.

A special 'thank you' is also extended to: Terry Roach, our emcee for the evening, Mike Bohm, Mike Schall, Johanna Nuculovic, Kristina Todaro, Eric Glosser, Traci Pewinski, Paula Alfonsi, Rick Dodge, Lynn Bujak, Shelley Sadler, Don and Lisa Kniesteadt, Lynn and Tom Marta, Imlay City Ford, Almont Police Department, Almont DPW, Almont Historical Society and American Tree. Jamie and Emelia Alberts volunteered to be the photographers for the evening, and a number of Almont High School students helped Mr. Jim Wade at the Historical Society with the Children's Holiday Craft and letter writing to Santa. The performance of the Almont Singers under the direction of Ms. Susie Royster and the Almont Marching Band under the direction of Mr. John Reinhard, put everyone downtown in a holiday spirit. The sound was courtesy of Universal Sound Productions.

The Almont Fire Department is to be commended for a job well done, bringing Santa to downtown for the lighting of the Christmas tree.

A special 'thank you' to all the participants in the parade—the floats were spectacular.

We hope you make plans to join us again next year and that you continue to enjoy and support our local businesses. See you next year on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

—Kim Schall, Director
December 13, 2018

‘Repercussions of election 2018 felt in a not positive way’

While the Democrats pontificate negatively on the actions of the state legislature, maybe there are some real issues below the surface. The legislature wants to take away some power from Witmer and Nessel, governor-elect and attorney general-elect. Why? Since all Witmer's team are pure pro abortion extremists, they will do whatever necessary to do two things: one, negate existing laws limiting abortion rights, and two stop Right to Life of Michigan the nation's most effective pro life organization in the USA. For part one the attorney general's job is to defend Michigan laws in court to legal challenges. That's easy. Just abrogate her duty and don't defend pro life since the Witmer team is against pro life laws. Michigan has a law prohibiting abortion from 1947. If the U. S. Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade, Michigan would be a pro life state. But! With respect to Right to Life of Michigan, simple. Investigate fraud in nonprofits. Who is a big target. Bingo! Right to Life of Michigan. Tie it up in court with frivolous charges and innuendo. Right to Life is neutered as thousands of dollars are spent defending itself. And instead of promoting life donations will go to attorneys fighting the State of Michigan.

Since Lieutenant Governor Garland Gilchrist has stated that we need to eliminate ICE. We will probably see the state police ordered not to aid ICE and release illegals. Good deal! While we're at it let's release drug defendants "unfairly" jailed.

Writers spout on about these "noble women." What is "noble"

about trying to promote death of unborn infants, the most vulnerable who have no one to protect them except us. The Witmer- Nessel-Benson team are one of the most hideous group ever elected to office. Elections have consequences we're told. And I think the repercussions of election 2018 will be felt not in a positive way for years to come. The evil Witmer's team will show saddens the years to come.

Christmas should be a time of joy as we welcome our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We need prayer now. Pray for our state and nation.

—David Naeyaert
December 13, 2018

This year they had a lot of help with tree

Every year the staff of Imlay City Lube Center, Inc. (across from the Kroger Plaza) plans for a Christmas tree in front of our business.

This year, we had a lot of help.

Jeff Schutz from Schutz's Tree Farm provided a beautiful tree.

Steve Teets and Jeffrey Hart did the decorations. This year, the tree was so large we had to have one of Randy Owen's Owen Tree Service crews (specifically Anthony Rankin) to help us install the star.

We just wanted to thank all of these individuals and businesses for their help.

Imlay City is really a wonderful community. We wish a Merry Christmas to all of our customers, families and friends.

—Paul & Kelly DeRusha and the crew at
December 04, 2018

Capac Mystery series brings back memories

Doug Hunter's 'Capac's Unsolved Mystery' series has brought back memories.

I grew up in Capac and I remember the disappearance of Hale Currier well. My parents, Chuck and Ann Lincoln, were close friends with the Curriers. My father taught both of their sons, Phil and Jim, in Capac High School. Though only a child, I remember my father joining other townsmen in going to Newberry to search for Hale. I have saved other articles through the years. My family remained friends with his wife, Lucie, as well as both Phil and Jim.

—Jeanne Lincoln Wolf
December 04, 2018

Solid State Radio Live at the PIX Dec. 7

Ever want to be a part of the audience for a radio broadcast? Here's the opportunity! Join the audience at The PIX for a music and variety show being broadcast through Lapeer's own Solid State Radio. Solid State Radio Live at the PIX Friday, December 7, at 7 p.m. Hosted by Mitch Gill and featuring local performers, December's show will feature guest performers comedian Diego Attanasio and musician Scott Green.

Diego Attanasio is a Detroit-based comedian originally from Peru who quickly wins over crowds with his quick wit, likability, and sarcastic observations. His rapid-fire delivery and onstage charisma make Diego one of the most notable acts in the Midwest. Diego has performed stand-up in Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere in between.

Scott Green is a proud Lapeer native who now lives in the Flint area. Performing mostly rock with a little blues thrown in, he was a member of the band "Cripple Creak." He's excited about his new album, "Who Is Scott Green" and performing in his hometown on the PIX stage!

Mitch Gill, host for Live from The PIX, was born and raised in Michigan, and he has been a professional announcer for more than 25 years! He was a disc jockey on the radio for 13 of those years. While in radio he held the positions of Morning Host (which made the most of his outgoing and fun personality), and Production Director (which took advantage of his voiceover and production skills).

There is no cost for admission to our new series of Friday evening shows, but it is recommended to reserve tickets in advance, as seating is limited in the theatre. To get your ticket, please visit the PIX Box Office located inside Gallery 194, Tuesdays through Saturdays 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Tickets may also be reserved over the phone at 810-664-4824 or on our website

Hope to see you there!

—Katie Beth Chrismer
December 04, 2018

Grant provides wheelchair access

"Together we can change lives!" This motto of the Four County Community Foundation, which serves the community of Dryden as well as Almont, Armada, Capac, Imlay City, Metamora, Oxford, Richmond and Romeo, has rung true once again. The Four County Community Foundation has awarded Dryden Community Schools a $1,000 grant to provide access to those who use a wheelchair.

With the funds awarded, all Class of 2018 seniors were able to able to use the stage at Senior Awards Night and Commencement. Since 1987, the Four County Community Foundation has awarded over $7.5 million to the local area in the form of grants and scholarships.

To learn more about the Four County Community Foundation and how to get involved in making a difference, visit

—Sheryl Czerwinski, Teacher
December 04, 2018

Legislature set to gut minimum wage law

Expect President Trump to visit Michigan soon. It won't be to congratulate United States Senator Debbie Stabenow on her re-election and it won't be to applaud the three dynamic women who swept into the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General's offices; nor will it be to commend Michigan Supreme Court Justice-Elect Megan Kathleen Cavanaugh (no relation to United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh) on her successful campaign to unseat a sitting Justice. Instead, it will be to thank the Republican members of Michigan's 'lame-duck' Legislature for their Herculean effort in assisting him in convincing the Mexican government to pay for a new border wall.

Here is the back story. President Trump, being the wily negotiator that he is, pressured the Mexican government into agreeing to insert a provision in the new NAFTA replacement treaty requiring that 40% to 45% of auto parts in motor vehicles be made by workers earning at least $16.00 (USD) per hour.

In lock step with the President, our Republican dominated 'lame-duck' Legislature recently introduced legislation that will gut the $12 per hour minimum wage law that they overwhelmingly approved several months ago in order to have it removed from the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot.

Once that legislation is approved and becomes law, the Mexican government will have no choice but to acknowledge that it is in that country's best interest to pay for a border wall in order to keep the anticipated caravans of low paid Michiganders from invading their country and taking those Trump-initiated high paying jobs away from hard working Mexican citizens.

Ah, "The Art of the Deal!"


—Eric Flinn
December 04, 2018

A matter of integrity of election process

It is extremely frustrating that the Michigan legislature has introduced various bills to reduce the power of the incoming Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State. It is reprehensible that the legislature would attempt to do this when it was NEVER done under Governor Snyder. The people of this state elected these three women and they deserve the same respect and power as was afforded the previous officials.

It is also extremely frustrating that the legislature is attempting to modify the provisions of the three proposals which were overwhelming passed by the voters of this state. The language in those proposals was specific as to what changes would be made to Michigan law and those exact modifications were what was approved by the Michigan voters. I understand that the Republican majority doesn't like a number of those changes. I did not support the recreational marijuana proposal either, however, the legislature needs to admit that the people spoke through the ballot box and leave those provisions alone.

All of these issues are a matter of the integrity of our election process. Please contact your elected officials and tell them to honor what the people decided and to stop the underhanded attempts to modify the election results.

—Barbara L. Yockey
December 04, 2018

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