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reply print email Source: Editorial: Serving the governed, not the governors
August 28, 2018 | 05:47 AM

Excellent opinion piece!

Ron Cross
Sun City
reply print email Source: Editorial: Hough Farm earns Centennial status
Hough Family
August 18, 2018 | 12:36 PM

Interesting story. Not many Hough's in our neck of the woods.

William Hough
Mirehead KY
reply print email Source: Editorial: Vintage Queen Anne ‘House of the Month’
Calvin and Robin Whitmore house
August 17, 2018 | 03:15 PM

The house was beautifully detailed and this color scheme shows off many fine and rare architectural details. I encourage all who are interested in historic authenticity to take a look. I just hope someday the Whitmores provide a home tour for the public because I'm sure the interior of that once-proud home is making a serious comeback.

Ruth Kremer
St. Joseph, Michigan
reply print email Source: Editorial: Vintage Queen Anne ‘House of the Month’
Cal & Robin Whitmore - Imlay City
August 17, 2018 | 12:11 PM

This house is fabulous and even better looking when standing in front of it! You need to see it in person to appreciate the detail in the painting, etc!

Jeannine Meade
West Columbia, SC
reply print email Source: Editorial: Vintage Queen Anne ‘House of the Month’
The Calvin & Robin Whitmore Home
August 17, 2018 | 11:56 AM

We enjoyed reading the article about the Whitmore's Victorian home. It is truly beautiful. We have a Victorian neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky near the University of Louisville campus. We always take family and friends to that neighborhood when they visit our area. We will have to make a visit to Imlay on our next trip north. What a beautiful place!

Rhonda Hale
Prospect, KY
reply print email Source: Editorial: A hidden gem
Swiss Farms article
August 05, 2018 | 03:54 AM

Great article,as is Swiss Farms and the Zach family!

Mary Nahernak
reply print email Source: Editorial: ‘Reasonable Doubt’ examines Grondin murder conviction
KC Grodin
July 26, 2018 | 12:30 PM

I watched this episode of reasonable doubt and I was truly offended and appalled by the police's interrogation or a better word for it bulling tactics. I can't believe that our justice system tolerates that behavior from our police. They were not interested in getting to the truth but it was all about getting a confession. I am in 100% support of the men & women who serve our communities but they need to be called when they abuse their power.

Pete Orbovich
Virginia Beach
reply print email Source: Editorial: Dryden Twp. seeks slight increase in police millage
2018 Police Millage request
July 26, 2018 | 11:15 AM

Is this request for police department only not for other uses?

merwin mckechnie
reply print email Source: Editorial: ‘Reasonable Doubt’ examines Grondin murder conviction
Not guilty
July 19, 2018 | 03:42 PM

I have read about this case and I have watched the episode of reasonable doubt now I don't always take show on their merit but this case has one of those that you really have to get to know and as I watched the program there was something about this young man that says he is innocent.
If we start with their love for each other shows that there was way he could have killed her.
The next is the text messages there is no proof that there was animosity toward each other no proof.
Then there is the interagation it proved that the cops had bullied this young man into a confession this young man knew nothing of the crime everything was put into this young mans head he knew absolutely nothing of the crime it showed when the cop mentioned about possible sucicde why would the cop even bring that up if thiey thought this young man exacuted her it makes no sense.
So I like many other people believe this young man is innocent.

Robert Smith
reply print email Source: Editorial: Yule Love It Lavender Farm poetry winners
July 13, 2018 | 08:11 PM

Thank you poets, for taking us there

Margaret Wilkie
Redford Twp
reply print email Source: Editorial: ‘Reasonable Doubt’ examines Grondin murder conviction
July 07, 2018 | 02:02 AM

Every time I read another story of abuse of power by elected/appointed or assigned individuals in our justice system I experience incredible trauma

Patricia Fitzner
reply print email Source: Editorial: Busker Fest will return to Imlay City next year
Busker Fest
July 04, 2018 | 03:22 PM

First, I wish the paper would publish the community comments on this post and not just the committees spin on things. Second, the date stinks. Not only is it Fathers Day weekend, it's graduation open house and weddings in June. I heard a lot of people say their schedule kept them from going. Third, performers asking for tips is not my idea of a community festival. Let's celebrate the rural area that we are & not try to compete with urban areas.

Imlay Citu
reply print email Source: Editorial: Busker Fest will return to Imlay City next year
Busker festival
July 04, 2018 | 12:26 PM

Not happy with date. To many weddings & graduation parties during that time. Was VERY disappointed hat there was not many craft tents as in previous years with the blueberry festival. Not enough variety of food trucks. But.... hopefully t

reply print email Source: Editorial: Busker Fest will return to Imlay City next year
Let's do it again!
July 04, 2018 | 09:51 AM

It was all kid friendly. The buskers had my small granddaughters attention with their fun performances. The future busker contest had good participation by local kids. The parade was fun. I never made it to the beer tent because I was so entertained by the street performers. My two cents;)

Pearly Mae
reply print email Source: Editorial: Busker Fest will return to Imlay City next year
July 03, 2018 | 05:48 PM

Not child's friendly, where are all of the shops and food trucks? Bring back the blueberry fest!!!

Imlay city
reply print email Source: Editorial: Hundreds of bicyclists paying visit to Almont
Enjoying the riders
June 26, 2018 | 06:06 PM

Congrats onthe well organized ride. They went by my home, had a stopping spot right down the road from me, and were very respectful. Was good to see all ages. Looked like a good time for families to do things together. America needs more of that. Hopefully they choose this route again.

Gladys Stiffler
Portland, Michigan. 48875
reply print email Source: Editorial: Organizers weigh in on first Busker Fest
Busker fest
June 26, 2018 | 03:38 PM

I had family that came from miles south and even southern states, that attended the blueberry festival, huge disappointment, the fireworks drug in so many people, I hate to say it but having the busker festival is not going to bring near as much revenue as the blueberry fest. And what about little miss blueberry? Or the pie eating contest? Weve been known for the blueberry fest for years. Very dissapointing decision on the city's part.

reply print email Source: Editorial: Organizers weigh in on first Busker Fest
June 21, 2018 | 09:01 PM

I would like to see the festival date moved back to the normal time. Also what happened to the fireworks??? I think these 2 things had a huge affect on your attendance

Imlay City
reply print email Source: Editorial: Organizers weigh in on first Busker Fest
Busker festival organizers opinion, nobody is really asking the
June 21, 2018 | 02:04 PM

The attendance to the festival was horrible, everyone was out of town. What happend to all the street vendor? The fun activities? The only "fun"ť activity was the parade and even that was nothing like it used to be. 3rd street needs to be closed if I saw random cars pulling out of during the parade that needed to be controles and it wasn't. Bring back the blueberry festival.

Imlay city
reply print email Source: Editorial: Organizers weigh in on first Busker Fest
Organizers weigh in on first Busker Fest
June 21, 2018 | 01:32 PM

Nobody was in town... Attendance was lower than any recent Blueberry Festival, with one exception - the parade. People came out for the parade because it was the only portion of the festival that had any sort of local/community connection that people could identify with. Bringing in random street performers from parts unknown is pointless. Better planning and execution of the Blueberry Festival to improve attendance would have been a MUCH better use of effort, than a new event with no roots...

Weighing reactions from few people who actually attended the Busker Fest, is pretty skewed - as it does not consider the droves of people who avoided it.

Imlay City
reply print email Source: Editorial: ‘Reasonable Doubt’ examines Grondin murder conviction
Justice 4KC and accountability in our Justice system
June 14, 2018 | 09:32 PM

I applaud the fight for KC
It is too bad that the rest of us have to get involved to hold our justice system accountable. Too many times the lack of passion for the truth causes people to be complacent and downright lazy. Only will ourservice agencies be held accountable if we continue to keep a leash on these services. We can trust policy but we cannot always trust the people who enforce the policy. And the only way to enforce policies is to hold those accountable that take their decisions and positions lightly. It's too bad that these things happen but when they do we are called to fight for one in the name of all, holding our justice system on a leash. Praise God the Truth does set us free.

Kevin Town
Lake Orion mi
reply print email Source: Editorial: ‘Reasonable Doubt’ examines Grondin murder conviction
K.C. Grondin
June 14, 2018 | 11:08 AM

I was shocked at the investigation into this murder, this is the most obvious miscarriage of justice I've seen to date. How they didn't locate her at her aunt's before sending searchers is the first hint that they had no idea what they were doing, the coercion of the "confession"ť that wasn't a confession is another. I'm confused as to how the jury could find him guilty with such a lack of evidence. I'm not in law enforcement or any form of detective but it's obvious to a layman there wasn't sufficient evidence to convict not to mention the young man's demeanor and obvious love for this poor girl who hasn't gotten justice

reply print email Source: Editorial: In the eye of the beholder
Fitting into the Country
June 07, 2018 | 02:47 PM

Just wanted to say HI, Catherine, and thanks for your article on your green urn and the feeling of fitting into country life. My husband and I just moved to Almont from Royal Oak last year, and I feel as if I am still learning how to fit in and stop looking like a city girl. Your article gave me a smile, and some hope that it's all possible!
I probably would have bought your urn - it sounds lovely!

Amy Seiferlein
reply print email Source: Editorial: Capac opts for survey
Capac Grow Ordinance
April 18, 2018 | 03:20 PM

Our community is at another crossroads. We are faced with a question that will effect our future. Which way should we go. Should we grow or fade away!!!
I heard many of my neighbors with concerns about this type of business bringing in crime. The fact is that these will be secure manufacturing facilities and will only be selling there product for use in medications that in many doctors opinions help people for all sorts of medical issues. Just like any other business they would not allow any one to steal there product. We should also realize that this can help bring safty back to Capac by allowing us to hire more full time officers that can work on cases of crime that are already here. If no one realizes it our current tax base leaves very little for police protection. Our kids are already smoking pot and we do little because of funding. Just like any other business this can help pay for crime fighting without adding to the problem.
I respect the opion of our new superintendent and agree that if Capac has a drug problem, it will deter people from sending there kids here. I do not see how a secure manufacturing facility will cause this. What I can see is that we could use tax dollar generated to combat these issues that we will still face no matter if we accept or decline this opportunity.
This is not a marijuana issue it is an economic one. No pot from this will be sold for smoking. I feel comfortable in saying that if this were about recreational use that not one person on our counsel would be for it. I do not think that this will solve all of our issues but if done with the correct ordinance it will help. I respect the emotions this brings out in community but if you take a step back and look at it for what it really is my hope is calm heads prevail.

My opinion is that our Village Counsel Should adopt a well thought out ordinance that addresses our concerns while allowing our community to get the rewards that economic investment does for all of us.

Dean Hoskey
reply print email Source: Editorial: Wildlife impacted by storm
Wildlife rehabilitators
April 18, 2018 | 12:08 PM

It's so great to see positive feedback on the work wildlife rehabbers do year round
They do this out of love for wildlife. They also do this with their own money so donation are always welcome. Thank you

Friends of Wildlife.

Judie black
Manchester. Mi
reply print email Source: Editorial: Capac residents may get to vote on medical marijuana
Voice of a Capac village resident
April 16, 2018 | 11:33 AM

First off, at the very beginning of the meeting which I was in attendance for, Mary Klug was very opposed to having any Resident feedback taking place. I don't know all the details behind this but it seemed very frustrating to think they would have a special meeting without wanting voices to be heard. She was only one of 2 that seemed to support this. The lawyer however said that in fact, residents do have the opportunity to voice their comments and feedback (thank you Al). Your article didn't mention much about the other council members including the two gentlemen who helped facilitate and provide a lot of information. They also expressed that personally they did not support this, however other council members seemed very hesitant to share their personal view. I believe we need complete transparency from Council Members and there should be investigations coming from outside the village to ensure there's no vested interest by anyone on the council or other influential members of the community. I did however hear the school superintendent, the police, DPW and postal worker all saying they were very opposed to this. I think their votes should definitely be an influence! And ultimately it needs to be determined by the residents of Capac! Most significantly those in the village where the impact could be greatest.

Interestingly, this is not really about wether anyone agrees or disagrees with medicinal marijuana use, thats a completely different topic. It's about a large industrial facility coming into our community producing a controlled substance, still not supported by federal government, and what the effects of that could be. I hope that certain individuals who are very passionate about medical marijuana recognize the vast difference. We can't let emotions cloud what we're really dealing with. Everything I found shows nothing positive ultimately came from this type of facility coming into an area especially a very small town like ours. In fact it reflected the opposite.

It feels like for some people, there is disillusionment about the jobs this company claims it will provide and how much those jobs would pay based on wording that was meant to confuse. When you say the average income is $62/year, break it down. Consider the owner(s) and top level positions of the company will probably make exorbitant amounts of money (this is an extremely profitable endeavor) making six figures. Then a small tier of management making good money, but which leaves the majority of labor workers at minimum wage or a few dollars above. If you do the math of averaging, you could technically claim an average income of $62,000 a year but it's extremely misleading. In addition, as far as I'm aware, they've never guaranteed they would even hire anyone from Capac. We need to consider reality here; for a company to say they'll create jobs means very little when so many people outside of Capac can easily commute in. They likely already have people lined up for their top positions and they are not people from our village, our township or even our county. Capac is foreign to them, and them to us.

The owner and his team will be coming in to St. Clair County from Oakland County yet there are plenty of facilities sites in Oakland County including pre-existing structures. I know multiple facility sites that could be relatively turnkey, and are just waiting for a company to come in and occupy. So again, it seems a little odd they wouldn't want the facility closer to their own backyard if it was such a wonderful idea.

We want Capac to thrive on local business by local residents. We want to stay the small town we are. There are so many other ways to help our community and increase job opportunities. We don't need to be "rich" here and shouldn't be lured by something that appears "shiny". It's dangerous to be decieved, look at Adam & Eve. I hope city council will be more open to reviewing different ideas to improve and grow our community in the way that preserves so many things Capac residents hold dear. Possibly offering incentives for small business owners to come in to Capac or building more volunteer support in the community. We honestly don't need or want a big factory... We moved here 3 years ago from the suburbs for a reason. And we'll move out if that reason is gone...

Kathryn Christian
reply print email Source: Editorial: Secrets of the Titanic
Thank you.
April 06, 2018 | 08:03 AM

It is great to see continuing interest in Titanic history and culture. Discover more at

The Titanic Channel
reply print email Source: Editorial: More jobs for Capac?
Approve it
April 05, 2018 | 02:05 PM

Yes we need this, this town can use the money from this legal business!! These jobs would be great ! I say yes !!

reply print email Source: Editorial: Police identify victim killed by stray bullet
March 27, 2018 | 11:05 AM

This is such a tragic accident. I pray for all involved. Hearing gunshots in Riley is so typical all day long. On Monday the day after this accident someone was shooting a gun off in the woods behind our house. It is so unnerving. It should be stopped.

reply print email Source: Editorial: Police identify victim killed by stray bullet
March 26, 2018 | 06:58 PM

Jack from RILEY is not exaggerating. We often hear gun shots - nonstop - from morning until night in Riley Township. It was only a matter of time before a tragedy would happen. If a person wants to target shoot, why not use a firing range. Selfish and irresponsible gun owners think this activity is normal and their right. I think Riley Township needs to make changes to keep its citizens safe. So much for living in peace and quiet out in the countryside.

Castle Creek
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