February 16 05:07 PM
February 13, 2019

Story a reminder there's no 'typical' victim

As this week's front page story illustrates, looks can be deceiving when it comes to heart health. An active wife and mother of three who's always been into fitness and health, she was actually running a marathon when she was stricken with a heart attack....more>
February 06, 2019

'Lame duck' sessions should be eliminated

A constitutional amendment to eliminate the 'lame duck' sessions for the Michigan legislature is both a bold and brilliant move by area Republican State Rep....more>
January 30, 2019

Trickle down attitudes toward public education

Education funding in Michigan is a real patchwork affair. The dollars directed toward schools comes from many different sources and the formulas seem to be ever changing since legislators in Lansing can't seem to settle on a long-term plan other than regular deductions....more>
January 23, 2019

Knowledge, involvement key to good government

Representative government. When we all work together, it's what makes our democracy great. Problems arise when those elected to represent the people act in ways that don't align with those who elected them....more>
January 16, 2019

New year, new opportunity to shine light on state government

Another new year and another new opportunity for state lawmakers to get serious about transparency in government. Currently, Michigan ranks at the bottom rung of the ladder as the only state in the nation where state law exempts the governor and lieutenant governor from the requirements of Michigan's Freedom of Information Act....more>
January 09, 2019

DDA dissolution on fast track in Almont?

Residents of Almont, ask yourself the following questions: Do you enjoy the annual Holly Day Light Parade? The Heritage Festival in the Fall? Are you happy that snow removal is taken care of when necessary? How about the landscaping in the summertime? Do you like to see updated facades on the businesses downtown? Apartments above those businesses rehabbed and ready for rental? What about local dollars circulating in local businesses via events, sponsorships, and the purchase of goods and services? Do you appreciate the historic flavor of the village, and if so, is maintaining that unique visual impression important to you? Would you like the parks, benches and decorative lighting you see throughout the downtown district to continue to be maintained and improved? What about the spring and fall cleanups performed by the Youth on Main Street group? Do you favor the banners and flowers, and the not-so-visible and definitely not-so-exciting infrastructure and improvement projects like water, sewer, sidewalks and alleyways, paving and parking lots within the downtown district? If you find any of the above a valuable and important part of the look and lifestyle of the village you call home, listen up....more>
January 02, 2019

Commitment to best local coverage in 2019

As 2018 winds down and the dawning of 2019 draws near, we—along with most other people on the planet—reflect on the past 12 months with a mix of nostalgia, gratitude and even relief....more>
December 26, 2018

Fire safety urged during holiday season

With the holiday season upon us, it's also the season for greater fire risk. State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer urges consumers to use caution as the holidays are a peak time for home fires caused by unattended candles and space heaters, electrical problems with worn lights, and dry Christmas trees....more>
December 19, 2018

Giving Wisely brochure a resource for donors

If you're still looking for a charitable organization to support as 2018 draws to a close, you can find tips and information in the 'Giving Wisely' brochure....more>
December 12, 2018

Gift of literacy lasts a lifetime

'Tis the season of giving, and for many, a time to choose a charitable cause to support at the end of the year. Right now, The Family Literacy Center of Lapeer would be an excellent choice....more>
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