March 25 11:34 PM
March 22, 2017

Senate needs to remedy transparency problem

Legislators continue to try to remedy a big problem with transparency in state government. Michigan is one of just two states in the nation where the governor and lawmakers are not subject to Freedom of Information Act inquiries regarding communications between legislators and lobbyists and inter-office communications....more>
March 15, 2017

Remind teens to 'think twice' before hitting enter

Recent headlines about the far-reaching ramifications of social media posts made by teens serve as another reminder that what's posted on the internet casts a long, permanent shadow for all to see....more>
March 08, 2017

Champagne a dedicated servant to center's mission

Twenty-five years. A quarter century. That's a long time to devote to one endeavor; and not just as a passive observer, but as an active proponent and cheerleader of that endeavor....more>
March 01, 2017

Reading Night an adventure in community

Tomorrow evening a group of Imlay City elementary students and staff members will converge downtown to adventure into local businesses and into the pages of a book....more>
February 22, 2017

VET support is more than financial

Though it's still in its infancy, the newly established Dryden VET Team has already made quite an impact on veterans organizations around the area. And that impact has helped the all-volunteer student group accomplish its goal: to make sure no veteran goes without, to honor their service and sacrifices, and to show respect, appreciation and gratitude for those who've served....more>
February 15, 2017

Actions of Almont officers commendable

At a time when it's not exactly a popular profession—and perhaps even more dangerous than ever— local police officers continue to demonstrate the vast and varied range of duties, responsibilities and expectations required by the job....more>
February 08, 2017

State's miserable FOIA exemption must go

Whether its information from the Environmental Protection Agency or National Parks Service on the federal level or emails to and from the governor's office regarding the Flint water crisis or phone records and appointment schedules of elected officials, taxpayers have a right to know what their legislators are up to....more>
February 01, 2017

Dealing with social media's 'bubble effect'

This week's letter to the editor regarding posts on an elected representative's Facebook page highlights the bubble effect that sometimes comes along with social media, where the content can be tailored to present an image for a specific audience of fans and followers; and an opinion/voice can be blocked, banned, or excluded without further dialogue or explanation....more>
January 25, 2017

Loyalty and devotion honored on Saturday

Finding people to give of their time and talents for a good cause isn't difficult. The greater challenge lies in recruiting volunteers who are committed to a cause and become excited to see it through year after year, event after event and campaign after campaign....more>
January 18, 2017

Public notice legislation subverts citizens' rights

Editor's note: The following editorial was written by Doug Caldwell, president of the Michigan Press Association, of which Tri-City Times is a member....more>
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