May 26 • 06:10 AM
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Reader laments ‘what could have been’

To the Editor:

This November, the citizens of St. Clair County were asked to approve a millage proposal for the St. Clair Conservation District. The millage request would have cost the average homeowner of a property worth $100,000.00 $10 per year. A yes vote on the millage would have allowed the District to reestablish and expand services beyond "what was" and move into "what could be"—Unfortunately this mileage was defeated.

On behalf of the St. Clair Conservation District Board and its staff, I would like to extend our gratitude to those who voted yes and to those who supported the effort including the Friends of the St. Clair Conservation District, St. Clair County Education Association, and St. Clair County Farm Bureau. I would also ask those who voted no to please feel free to contact the Conservation District with your reasons why you decided not to support this millage effort and how we can do a better job in gaining your support in the future.

The St. Clair Conservation District has been serving this county for over 60 years and has a long history of helping its citizen's. We continue to believe St Clair County has a vast potential that can be reached with the assistance of the Conservation District.

The St. Clair Conservation District has become "a one stop shop" for the landowners of the county assisting any landowner who walked in the door with either information or services of which, in the past, came at little or no fee whether it was related to agriculture or residential. The reality of the current situation is that the Conservation District will continue to do what it can for the citizens of St. Clair County for as long as we can. We will explore various funding opportunities as they emerge to remain viable and provide what services as we can for as long as we can.

It will be two years before the Conservation District can come before the electorate for another try at a stable funding source. Until then I would like to place before those who voted Yes and even to those who voted No, if you are still inclined, to support the St. Clair Conservation District by sending in that $10 which would have been collected as a tax, as a donation to keep a longstanding agency alive and well in your county.


—Timothy J. Maxwell, Vice Chairman

St. Clair Conservation District Board

—Stacey Kautz

District Administrator

St. Clair Conservation District

St. Clair County

November 24, 2010

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
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