May 26 • 11:53 PM
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Times’ columnist shares sentiments of Imlay area couple

To the Editor:

I relate to Ms. Minolli's comment that she can't find a decent thing to say, especially when it comes to the political climate (column, Sept. 1 issue). As an independent who watches CNN, FOX and MSNBC, it is quite a challenge attempting to sort out the spin and rhetoric.

In review of Rep. Kevin Daley's column 'Revamp pay for legislators," (Sept. 1 issue), I would include revamping the pay of many government employees. From recent news reports, their income and benefits may far exceed that of similar jobs in the private sector.

Rep. Daley appears to be in favor of 401(k) accounts. Of course we all know how many of these accounts have been depleted during these times of financial crisis. Additionally, some people are put into a position of prematurely using the funds from their retirement accounts when insurance companies delay or deny claim payments. According to State Rep. Sarah Roberts ( insurance companies can raise your rates for no reason at all, even if you are in an accident that is not your fault.

We have personal knowledge of tactics used to delay payment. We had an accident in May of 2008 caused entirely by tread separation of one tire. This is supported by the peace officer's report, photographic images and a tire inspection done in 2007 showing tread depth of all four tires at 7/32 or greater. We still have not received payment for our lost vehicle, nor toward items missing from our vehicle after the insurance adjuster's inspection. To the best of our knowledge, we have complied with all policy terms and in March of 2009 even agreed to accept an amount for our lost vehicle lower than would be indicated by documentation and the insurance company's appraisal sources. Finally this year, retirement funds were used toward the purchase of another vehicle.

The type of tactics used by private sector insurance companies are not exclusive to the private sector, as many disabled veterans who attempt to obtain benefits from the Veterans Administration can attest. In fact, VA employees have received amnesty in matters concerning mishandling of documents essential to veterans' claims, and VA workers have been given millions in bonuses while veterans await checks.


—Susan Sam

Imlay City

September 07, 2010

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
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