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School cuts too deep

To the Editor:

Memorial Day is a day when we are supposed to spend the day reflecting all of the service members who have given their courage and some their lives. I think about my grandfather, who served during World War II and came home on two separate occasions with purple hearts. My grandfather was a very brave man and an even greater patriotic American. I decided at a very young age to follow in his footsteps and did, serving on two separate occasions on foreign land for the U.S. Army. I have raised my four children here in Imlay City, to be patriotic also. I make sure that when a flag is passing in a parade, they stand and remove their hat if they are wearing one. I have taught them to be proud to be Americans. But on this Memorial Day, I am finding it hard to reflect on the past as my daughter, Darrien, has me looking into the future. A future here in Imlay City with no more vocal music class. This has me very frustrated in several ways. Darrien makes the comment, "Music is the expression of one's soul," and "because when words are not heard, music speaks."

I understand that budget cuts have to be made but I don't believe this is one of the better decisions. This cut is one teacher that is shared between the middle school and high school. What do we cut next, gym or art? While we cut classes that are part of our American history, we continue to add Spanish and Mexican culture. This makes no sense to me as I believe our kids should have a better understanding of America. This Memorial Day I have watched as kids have gotten suspended for wearing shirts bearing the American flag. I have watched as American Veterans have been told they can't fly the American flag. This has been a very frustrating Memorial Day to say the least. My daughter has started a petition to try and save the Imlay City vocal class. I am asking that every proud American help support her in her first patriotic act to continue to express her soul through music. Imlay City Community Schools need to keep I.C. vocal for the kids' sake. Thank you!


—Shane Collison

Imlay City

June 02, 2010

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