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Wealthy greed-mongers are true parasites

To The Editor:

In last week's edition, Celery City Charlie wrote that he welcomed a discussion on topics such as the Tea Party, the role of government, and "competing visions of what kind of a nation we wish to be." Well, here's a different opinion and I'll try to make it beneficial.

The Tea Party has every right to petition the government and every right to be angry, but their anger is misdirected. They seem to have forgotten the causes of the financial crisis that started in 2007 and continues today. I seem to remember a financial collapse due to a combination of greed, predatory lending, and an unregulated Wall St. I don't recall President Obama and 'European socialism' causing the financial meltdown. This fact must have slipped the minds of the tea partiers.

The tea partiers remind me of the same people FDR was talking about in 1933, when he said, "Those, fortunately few in number, who are frightened by boldness and cowed by the necessity for making decisions, complain that all we have done is unnecessary and subject to great risks. Now that these people are coming out of the storm cellars, they forget that there ever was a storm."

Where is the Tea Party's anger for the real cause of the crisis? Charlie also believes the Tea Party is being marginalized by the liberal media. The Tea Party can solve that problem by telling its members to stop questioning the legitimacy of the President and put down the signs depicting the President with a Hitler moustache. In other words, start acting like adults. I know most people stop doodling on pictures when they are children.

I also wonder who Charlie is talking about when he mentions parasites. Do you mean wealthy or poor parasites? I'll assume you mean the poor members of society. I doubt you care about corporate welfare. If you want to see the work of a parasite, take a drive down Dort Highway in Flint or Woodward Avenue in Detroit. There you will find carcasses left by parasites that moved on to new hosts in China, Mexico, and other Third World countries. I think I'm more worried about those parasites than the parasite who is collecting food stamps because he or she can't find work.

Finally, Charlie offers his thoughts on a vision of America. I wonder if Charlie understands the promise of America. American exceptionalism means setting an example to the world that every country will want to emulate. It doesn't mean Americans are better than everyone else in the world. We have to show the way. I don't think we're doing our duty when the country has a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, and when we let special interests greatly influence our legislative branch of government.

The real promise of America is a society that always strives to defend and extend freedom, equality, and representative democracy.

—Christopher Babcock

Imlay City

April 28, 2010

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
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