May 24 08:01 PM
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Editorializing horrific story is over the top

To the Editor:

The following is in response to Doug Hunter's column in the March 10 issue:

Opening sentence, "the most vile and violent creature on earth is the human being." What were his sources for this 'fact?'

"The house at 5038 Dove Road is a modern torture chamber;" as opposed to an old fashion torture chamber? How do they differ? "This home will stand in infamy." How long, would he guess?

"The three-year old went from a beautiful bouncing toddler to a tormented beaten and bruised introvert." So, she changed from an extrovert to an introvert? Those labels seem a bit inappropriate for three-year olds.

"On Devil's Night, October 30, 2008..." The date would have been sufficient, but would certainly not fit the

'theme' of "Violent Creatures," "Torture Chambers," and "Houses Living in Infamy."

"Michael Ulrich, Paramedic" was described as "frantically clearing the little girl's throat." So, Hunter thinks that Ulrich was frantic or frenzied? It's more likely that Michael Ulrich was skilled and focused and doing all in his power to save this child.

Hunter referred to Prhaze as having "internal damages," much like an insurance adjustor going over a damaged vehicle. Yet, Dr. Spitz, the medical examiner, referred to the child's body as having "internal injuries."

In describing the little girl's parents in the courtroom, "their faces and stares were so cold it would make a polar bear shiver." What does a shivering polar bear look like?

Getting back to the infamous house, "Detectives Amey, Machey, Titus, and Jacobsen arrived with a search warrant.Immediately drugs were found ... and the investigation begins in earnest." Arriving at the house that will live in infamy, the modern torture chamber, with a dying child wasn't reason enough to begin an investigation "in earnest?" Were the priorities a little askew here?

Hunter compared the abuse of Prhaze to "the heinous behavior of the terrorists who daily threaten our society." Seems like, possibly many personal themes were addressed in this report— everything from human "beasts," "torture chambers," "Devil's Night," "house living in infamy," "marijuana," "Polar bears," "terrorists," and the "daily threats to our society."

The crime and punishment that was foisted on this innocent little child is despicable. If it takes a village to raise a child, her village must have turned its head. If this story was about a puppy, would there have been more concern and compassion? If what I read in the paper is true, than the answer would be a resounding "YES."

—Bev Waller


March 23, 2010

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