May 26 • 04:35 PM
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Area fire departments’ help appreciated

To the Editor:

The Imlay City Fire Department and myself personally have several thank yous to extend after the fire at Champion Bus on Sunday, Feb. 14. Without everyone's involvement, the entire event would not have run as smoothly as it did.

We would like to thank the following fire departments for their response and help: Almont Twp. Fire Dept., Attica Twp. Fire Dept. Arcadia Twp. Fire Dept., Brown City Fire Dept., Berlin Twp. Fire Dept., Mussey Twp. Fire Dept., Dryden Fire Dept., Goodland Twp. Fire Dept. and Lapeer City Fire Dept.

I would like to thank Chief Don Bissett (Goodland), Asst. Chief Matt Dougherty (Attica), and Asst. Chief Ken LaLone (Arcadia). These firefighters are also employees of Champion Bus Company and helped immensely with the layout of the building and contents. There were several hazardous areas that needed immediate attention and that was brought to my attention thanks to their knowledge of the building. Their involvement made my job much easier and the safety of all personnel on scene more secure.

The Imlay City Fire Dept. would like to acknowledge the following for their involvement: The Lapeer County Sheriff Dept. (traffic control), Almont Twp. Police Dept. (traffic control), Lapeer County Central Dispatch personnel, Lapeer County EMS, Lapeer County Road Commission, Imlay City DPW, Parsch's Oil Company, Novak Excavating (Ray Evans), Custom Excavating (Dennis Cischke), Metro Lighting and Janice Young (retired firefighter).

A huge special thank you goes out to the Mussey Twp. Fire Dept. and the Brown City Fire Dept. and their connections for getting food and drink to the scene for everyone. I am sure everyone there appreciated it.

Although the building and contents were a total loss and there was a single minor injury, I believe the high potential for injury (cold temperatures, ice, hazardous contents, extended hours), the fact that everyone went home safe was a huge success.

To the management of Champion Bus Company, your understanding and cooperation in the ongoing investigation is highly appreciated.

I have tried to remember to acknowledge everyone. If I have forgotten anyone or any organization that helped out, I truly apologize. Everyone and everything was greatly appreciated.

Thank you all again,

—Richard Horton

Assistant Chief

Imlay City Fire Dept.

Incident Commander

Richard Horton
February 24, 2010

Castle Creek
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