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Parents, fans proud of Capacís varsity basketball players

To the Editor:

I'm a proud parent of two Capac varsity basketball players (actually 16 of them in all) and I am so disappointed in the Richmond basketball program and how the game went on Fri., Feb. 12.

I have watched a whole lot of basketball over the past 5 years and Capac, (although nobody likes to lose a game) has always walked away from a true loss with their heads held high knowing in their hearts that the other team played the better game and deserved the win. They walked away with dignity and congratulated their opponent on their win knowing in their hearts they rightfully earned it.

Some will say that I'm a poor sport for writing this because Capac lost, but first let me say that I do and have always stood behind our players win or lose.

I've read the news coverage of the Richmond team and have been impressed thus far in Richmond's almost undefeated season just as I have paid attention to all the articles posted in regards to Almont, Armada, Imlay City, Algonac and all the other teams playing in the BWAC. Friday's game changed my mind.

One of my twin sons (both play Capac varsity basketball) recently wrote a scholarship personal statement essay on the: "Importance of Sportsman-ship in Educational Athletics." Here is a excerpt from that essay: "There's great pleasure in winning a game, winning is a huge motivator for most, but playing with a "win at all cost attitude;" you'll probably sacrifice fairness, play with dishonesty, and treat your opponent with disrespect. No thanks, I'd rather compete with dignity and go out with defeat, than to sacrifice everything I believe that good sportsmanship represents. Winning is not the most important thing, what is important is how you play the game, be able to hold your head high at the end of the game and most important to keep it fun."

To the Capac varsity basketball players, my hats are off to each and every one of you for keeping your professionalism and tact in order while you played. We the parents and all of your fans are so very proud of you all and coaches. Continue to play the awesome basketball that you all bring so much pleasure and enjoyment to each and every one of us watching in the stands. We truly stand behind you, win or lose. I, as well as the other team parents are so very, very proud to say that I/we are "Capac Varsity Basketball Parent."

Let's go straight for the "District, Regional and the State Championship win" it's in each and every one of your hearts, blood and goals. This is attainable to you. You "all" have the drive for it, keep doing what you do, the honest and dignified way, and you will reap the rewards, you know you will. See you all there!

—Mrs. Cathy Burgess

Proud Capac Parent

Cathy Burgess
February 24, 2010

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
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