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Sweet memories of making chocolate, making good friends

To the Editor:

Dreams, we all have them. Most allow them to stay just that, dreams. Others will feed the dreams and soon they become a reality. This is how Chocolate Inked Sweet Shoppe (CISS) started, as a dream. Having done chocolates for over 30 years it was a natural progression to open a retail Shoppe. An opportunity presented itself and we started to make our dream become a reality.

There was much time and money invested, many long days that became late nights, blood sweat and tears as the saying goes were put into gutting the building that a part of it became "CISS" and bringing our dream to reality. To have drawn a floor plan that would work for that location and to have the Shoppe come to life was fulfilling. It was a long journey before we were able to open, but well worth it. The inside of "CISS" became a very quaint and warm Shoppe that welcomed you to bygone days when you entered. The glowing fireplace was welcoming on a chilly day while sipping a hot cocoa, sitting at the table having control over the remote for the plasma T.V. At "CISS" we loved making handmade gourmet chocolates and offering desserts, cookies, coffee, tea, shakes, smoothies, Cook's Farm Dairy Ice Cream, our tasty and unforgettable Signature Cake, as well as hosting birthday parties, meetings and school tours.

We worked long hours each day to be able to offer what you asked for. If we didn't have it and were able to make it, we made it for you. There were many times we had special requests and we were glad to be able to honor them. If we could not do what you requested, we were able to refer you to someone that could and it was a win-win situation for all. We pride ourselves in knowing we did the best we could each day that we were open. Early morning hours or late night hours, we did it all. The last day of business was spent filling a fundraising order that lasted late into the night.

We are blessed to have been able to share our love of chocolates with you. The past year had been rewarding, challenging and it also brought us much sadness. In February we endured the loss of my dad and in December we lost our beloved brother-in-law. Grief, it is not easy, yet you must travel the long road and accept what changes you have been given. To learn and grow from these experiences makes us all better people. Sadly, due to the downfall of the economy and circumstances beyond our control, we have had to face another reality and accept that we must close our doors. This decision was not made lightly, but nonetheless, one that needed to be made.

There are many thanks to share, we feel very blessed to have had the many faithful customers, whether they traveled from afar or just around the corner. Heartfelt thanks go out to Carol and Al for the many ways they helped pass the word and for their help to beautify the outside of the Shoppe. It was fun to partner with Carol and Zorka for "Ladies Night Out" and "Celebration of the Horse." There was plenty of fun going through the Village, the events were well attended and always brought new people. Thank you Zorka and staff for the time shared and all that you did to make the events fun. Thank you to Sean of The Pickle Barrel for sharing his time and hanging out with us selling crisp apples, his mouth-watering homemade doughnuts and Hy's Apple Cider. Thank you to the many families that were regulars, especially Brian, Tina and their wonderful children. The time spent together, making sure we ate, each special moment shared, the memories are priceless. To Debbie and her family for being there, also it was great having you and the gals here making the "shortcakes" to sell for your fundraiser. We enjoyed having you spend the day with us! Sorry about the oven though!

To the neighborhood children who were always there, where do we start? There are many and we hope they realize just how special they are. We never had any problems with the kids, they listened, they respected us, they enjoyed helping shovel snow in exchange for some hot cocoa or an ice cream cone, they loved coming in to warm up, taking their coats, hats and gloves off and placing them in front of the fireplace, knowing the remote was theirs while they sat, they were allowed to hang out even if only asking for a glass of water, they loved the penny candy shelf, they laughed with us, and in the last days, yes, they were even sad with us offering hugs. As their parents, you should be proud of each of them, they were a joy to have at the Shoppe and we truly enjoyed getting to know them. Thank you to Wes for all he did; quietly.

To Jim and Polly for their kindness, we wish them well while in a warmer climate for the winter. Debbie and Lloyd for their friendship, for the memories and special times shared. Thank you to the many new friends we made and shared warm gatherings with, we enjoyed every moment. Thanks to Jay, for his words of wisdom on the military and friendship. Thank you to Mrs. Jen Kraly and her family for their support, and also for bringing the Imlay City High School French Club for a tour of the Shoppe and a tasty chocolate lesson. We enjoyed it as much as they did. Special thanks to our good friends, Kathy, Brian and Tucker for always being there, helping to get orders completed and ready to go, for making the awesome toffee and hard candy. Forever remember our pizza nights, they were always fun. Accept our apologies if we missed mentioning you by name, know that we appreciated you and your loyal support. To close a business is not easy; the dream has ended and many feelings are brought to the surface. This has saddened us, but we are blessed to have known you and spent time with you in the Village of Metamora! It has been a pleasure to say, "you have been CISS'd" and to share "Chocolate Inked Sweet Shoppe" with you.

What will we do now, you ask? We will be working on making our dreams come true!

—Sharon M. Young-Maliszewski

—Kevin M. Maliszewski


Sharon M. Young-Maliszewski
February 03, 2010

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
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