April 20 06:38 AM
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Letter writer pulls no punches in ongoing abortion debate

To the Editor:

I'd like to respond to David Naeyaert's opinion published in the Dec. 30 issue about a letter to the editor I wrote which was printed on Dec. 23.

David's response reminds me so much of FOX Faux news it should be on the comic page. FOX can go 24 hours 7 days a week spewing their lies and distortions at a clip that you can't focus on any one thing because in the next minute they top it with something even more outrageous.

Fox and the fascist Republican Party can do this because they aren't encumbered with facts, just opinion based on a failed evil philosophy. That would be the justification of selfishness and greed.

It's too bad that I spoiled the Christmas mood for the writer because I know how difficult it is for Republicans to consider what happens to people living under the economic policies of the greedy. Let me assure you that it was my intention.

Just as Republicans so enjoyed getting into the details of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky so they could savor the salacious language of the act, so does the writer when he labels Democrats as baby killers and vilifies abortion. It gives them a feeling of redemption for all their dark deeds. The era preceding Roe v. Wade had the highest death rate for young women due to the lack of choice. Nobody likes abortion. The Democratic party shows a lot of courage to deal with a problem that is rarely occasioned for most people. Leave out men, prepubescent and older women and you don't have very many willing to take on the issue of "Pro -life" (anti-choice) v. Pro-choice. I personally hate abortion but I would not judge or believe I have the answer to such a personal dilemma other than to let the parents (when a minor is involved) and/or the female decide.

Where is this world class health care you talk about? What planet do you live on when you say "Doctors don't turn people away because of money?" That may be true in a sense; that is what they hire receptionists for. Try and get past her to see the doctor when she finds out you don't have health insurance or cash money up front.

Regarding class warfare, it seems to me that we just had eight years of class warfare and in a one-sided battle the fascist side won. The disparity between the wealthy and working poor has never been widened so much. There are many social ills. The country has been engaged in wars that we can't seem to stop no matter what. The banks are foreclosing at a record pace, decent paying jobs are still being sent overseas.

I could say more about my theories regarding David's motives for attacking my opinion with the typical Republican rhetoric, but because I am a gentleman I'll just keep it to myself.

—Joe Tribula

Almont Twp.

January 13, 2010

Castle Creek
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