March 25 06:06 AM
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In the U.S., having more money means better health care

To the Editor:

We currently use socialist ideas in terms of roads, schools, food and drug inspections, law enforcement, etc. Why not in health care?

The truth is we already have health care rationing. The way we do it here is simple. The more money you have the better the health care you receive. Period. A rich fat person can get liposuction immediately but poor children with cleft palates have to wait in line just to get lips. How moral is that?

In general I have a less than great opinion of the French. They seem to have such a high opinion of who they are, always judging anything by its Frenchiness, particularly disdaining anything American. Yet twice in the last 90 years (at the cost of much blood and treasure) America has given them their country back after they had lost it to the Germans. In return, what have they given us besides Vietnam and quiche? (not to mention sheltering Roman Polanski for decades.) So when I found out that in France it's illegal for an hourly worker to work more than 35 hours a week (you can be fined heavily if you do), I figured it was another example of French nuttiness, like universal health care or requiring everyone to take a month long vacation every year. But after thinking it over I've come to the conclusion that maybe they aren't so crazy after all. At least simple math says a 35 hour work week would immediately increase employment by 12.5 percent and put a lot of people back to work earning a paycheck and universal health care would make it easier on small business owners to hire more.

Recently I saw where the government is afraid to cut the bonuses of the guys on Wall Street because they're so smart and they might just take their big brains and go to work somewhere else. I say let them go. They're the ones most responsible for the mess we're in and should not be rewarded. In fact, it might help if a few went to jail.

Soon the oil guys are going to need a crisis to justify the huge price increases and you can bet the farm they'll get one.

Mike Waller, Attica
October 28, 2009

Castle Creek
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