March 25 06:02 AM
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Stopping waste in Lansing

To the Editor:

I do not have much in common with Andy Dillon (Democrat Majority Whip) politically, but I am glad to see his stand against waste regarding the combination of pension obligations. He should be commended and supported across the aisle for his efforts to cut costs.

The potential savings is significant for the state. Mr. Dillon has taken a position that is in opposition to many in his own party and there will be fallout. How could anyone oppose considering such a logical cost-saving measure unless their political alliance outweighs logical, fiscal responsibility? Mr. Dillon's efforts to lead and make tough choices should be supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike. The taxpayers and citizens of Michigan stand to benefit.

Both parties have been at fault and have contributed to the economic devastation we are now experiencing. Every piece of bad legislation that we have seen passed in this state has taken both Republican and Democrat votes. The Republican Party runs on the notion of smaller government and less taxes, only to side with raising taxes (and fees) wherever they can get away with it. Many office holders claim to be conservative Republicans to win in districts where that "tag line" is popular. The proof is in the pudding: If they run on a platform of less government and lower taxes and then sign bills that increase both, they should not be trusted with the position. If they are not willing to take responsibility for the problems we now face as a state and a nation, then they have no business leading in any office.

The Republican Party has given the votes needed to pass every bit of bad legislation we now struggle under. We have far too many Republicans in leadership in this state who gain their position and never once champion a piece of legislation. They are good at the illusion of customer service and appearing committed, but are never held to account for their refusal to actually take on the fights of our day.

Logical, cost-cutting efforts like the one Mr. Dillon has proposed should inspire members of both parties to make the political sacrifices necessary to reign in wasteful state spending.

Todd a. Courser, Esq. Candidate for State Senate 2010, Lapeer
October 21, 2009

Castle Creek
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