March 18 10:35 PM
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Marijuana is medicine, not violent drug

To the Editor:

The Oct. 7 column by Doug Hunter is no more than deceitful fear-mongering yellow journalism.

The column is fraudulent from the start. The first sentence, "Drugs beget violence" is simply not true, which Mr. Hunter surely knows. The mindset that says "drugs beget violence" is the same mindset that says "guns beget violence." The truth is that violent people beget violence, usually against other violent people. Why these particular people (referred to in Hunter's column) were so violent is unfathomable to me, but being drunk on Miller High Life might be a clue.

Hunter reports as fact a couple of truly horrendous stories that may or may not be true but which he has obviously embellished to fit his personal agenda. He goes on with, "All this suffering for an illegal drug that some want to legalize claiming it's medicinal and harmless," a statement that is even more deceitful and malevolent. Again Hunter states facts as his opinion (or wishful thinking) about the things he knows for certain are not true. Marijuana is legal and has been for some time. Fifteen states, including Michigan where nearly 2/3 of the voters voted in favor if it, have legalized marijuana. Mr. Hunter, do you believe in democracy? Are you willing to accept the wisdom of the will of the people or do you think you alone know better?

And yes, marijuana is medicine! Marijuana has been used medically for thousands and thousands of years and there has never been a single documented case of death by overdose attributed to marijuana. I challenge Mr. Hunter to back up any of his statements with actual facts and not just his opinions.

I am writing this because I am a medical marijuana patient. Over four years ago a lump in my neck was diagnosed as 4th stage squamous cell carcinoma. After undergoing a radical neck dissection, two rounds of chemotherapy and as much radiation as the human body can stand in a lifetime, I was told by my doctors to go home and get my affairs in order. Of course they sent me home to die with every narcotic known to man, none of which gives me lasting relief. In April of this year, the doctor who removed over 30 percent of my neck recommended I try medical marijuana to see if it would relieve some of my symptoms. I registered with the state, received my patient's card, and am now a legal Michigan medical marijuana user. As such I can state for a fact that medical marijuana works better than any narcotic for me and it's a lot safer. There are over 6,000 Michiganders and millions of Americans who say the same thing.

The very idea that marijuana makes one violent or agitated is ludicrous. In fact, the opposite is true. Marijuana calms and relaxes whose who use it and if you don't believe that you can ask my wife if it's true or not (LOL).

Since Mr. Hunter seems to enjoy sowing the seeds of fear and loathing I suggest he start with something truly scary for everybody, like the fact that frequently one out of every three motorists in Michigan is driving drunk.

Editor's note: As stated at the beginning of each of Doug Hunter's columns, the opinions expressed in same are those of the writer. Doug's Oct. 7 column referred to crimes that individuals are charged with related to use of the illegal street drug marijuana, not medical marijuana. Possession and/or use of marijuana unless prescribed by a physician for medical purposes remains illegal in Michigan.

(Name withheld upon request), Attica
October 21, 2009

Castle Creek
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