March 18 10:02 PM
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Columns bear witness to courage of local law enforcement

To the Editor:

I have become an avid reader of the Tri-City Times. I am very impressed with one columnist in particular—Mr. Doug Hunter. As a rule, I pass over these types of columns. I have always felt that they were fictional stories hiding the truth and that we would never know the real story. He has made me believe that there still may be hope.

I'm sure that there will be many views of Mr. Hunter's columns. In my view, he is out there trying to do some good by informing us of what is going on. Not everyone will agree with him. It is his view and opinion—we are free to draw our own. Still, he is out there trying. Unless we are willing to put ourselves in that same position—we can't possibly judge.

Mr. Hunter is informing us of what he sees our law enforcement officers dealing with day in and day out. They follow the law—whether we agree with the laws or not. None of this can change the importance of one man going out there and trying to inform all of us of the way things are.

Mr. Hunter has an impressive approach to explaining the goals, procedures, and actions of all the various law enforcement agencies in our county. He has done more than just write statistics on paper. He has managed to capture the seriousness of regaining our grasp on a faltering society. At the same time, he explains exactly how our law enforcement officials are diligently trying their best to take care of all of us. His columns give great attention to detail when explaining the harrowing tasks of officers dealing with some of the most terrible parts of our society. Again, at the same time, he has found a way to express all of this in an interesting and unique story form that completely grabs my attention.

I appreciate hearing so many successful conclusions. Yes, I know that there are many not so successful, but Mr. Hunter has shown me that there are good people out there devoted to helping all of us so that we can rest easier.

I would like to thank him for his insights and for taking the time to bear witness and then inform us of the courageous and daring endeavors of so many brave and caring people doing their best to protect the residents of St. Clair County.

I would also like to thank you, Tri-City Times, for featuring such an outstanding columnist in your paper. I look forward to reading many more excellent columns written by Mr. Hunter.

Gloria Huryn, St. Clair County
October 21, 2009

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