April 24 10:55 AM
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Grandstands will rise again thanks to support

To the Editor:

Like the mythological Phoenix, who was consumed by fire, to rise from its ashes young and beautiful to live through another cycle, the grandstand at the R.A. Grettenberger Athletic Field will also rise again.

The good news is that the structure will be rebuilt to look exactly like the restored grandstand that was destroyed by fire on September 2. Demolition has been completed and it is hoped the rebuild will begin yet this fall. According to the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Imlay City's grandstand was one of only two remaining in the state.

Many individuals and organizations came together to make the restoration possible. Grants from five groups and donations from 168 organizations and individuals totaled $33,979. The rededication ceremony and unveiling of the historical marker was scheduled for September 12, 2009 and it is hoped that the rededication ceremony will now be held in the spring of 2010 when the work is completed.

The Imlay City Schools Alumni Association has so many people to thank for making the restoration and the rebuild possible and we wish to acknowledge them at this time (as well as again in the spring).

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to:

Grants/Awards: Ann Grettenberger King; Lowe's Foundation; Four County Community Foundation, Lapeer Community Foundation; General Mills Foundation; Rotary District 6330 Foundation; Restoration Services and Support: R-Squared Builders/Rick Duthler; Coulter Painting; Imlay City Fire Department; Jim's Recycling; ABC Signs; Rick Lee (Alumni Baseball Game); Imlay City Board of Education; Superintendent Dr. Gary Richards; Maintenance & Transportation Supervisor Deby Smith and staff; Schutz's Tree Farm, Inc.

We are also deeply grateful to all individual donors for their support.

Editor's note: Below is a complete list of names of individual donors.

The Imlay City Alumni Association wishes to thank those alumni and friends who believed in the R.A. Grettenberger Field Grandstand renovation project and who supported it with their gifts:

Diane (Roth) Adams, American Legion Post 135, Charles & Pamalee (Clark) Avery, Robert Bade, Linda (Laarman) Bardwell, Deborah Bayer, Susan (Dodson) Belcher, Paul Benjamin, Barbara (Radelt) Blais, Mitchell Blonde, Roger & Charlotte (Caldwell) Bonnema, Loren & June Bonney, Borland School - Mike Powers, Tom & Sandra (Stover) Bradburn, Eleanor (Sherwood) Brandt, Ray Bridenbaugh, Phyllis (Buike) Bryant, Bernice (Wagner) Burak, John Burger, Gerald Call, Harold & Pauline (Caldwell) Campbell, Herb & Shirley (Cheney) Chisnell, Robert Chriscinske, Perry Clark, Irene (Boruszko) Claude, Nicolyn (Makedonsky) Clawson, Deborah Cook, Lee Delannoy, Robert DeMain, Carl Deming, Jack & Ula (McLean) Dennis, Joyce (Frantz) Dennis, Charles Dietrich, Calvin Dowling, Dawson Duckwitz, Esther (Brandt) Jager/Eckel, Robert Edwards, Dan & Marlene (Strump) Erla, Hank & Doris (Engle) Ettema, Laverne & Joyce (Ennis) Ferrett, Isaac Ferrier, Franco & Giovanna Folino, Football Game & All-Class Reunion, Barbara (Ray) Forte, Mike Fortner, Tom Germayne, Eunice (Pritzel) Glennon, Joy (Snyder) Godo, Nola (Harley) Goodrich, Richard Goodrich, May (Holt) Goodstein, Leonard & Betty (Steffes) Greenwald, Florence (Harris) Guyer, Shirley (Bryant) Hamm, Valerie (Ray) Hartel, Peg (Waghorne) Henesbaugh, Valerie Henwood, Robert Hollenbeck, Jack & Jean (Elling) Hoeksema, Dawn (Dodson) Hooten, Michael Hunter, Paul Hutchins, Imlay City Athletic Boosters, Imlay City History Club, Imlay City Rotary Club, Bette (Donovan) Ingram, Dick & Mary Alice (Penzien) Irish, Al & Marge (Groenewoud) Jager, Marlene (Jahn) Johnson, Mildred Kennedy, Cherry (Dodson) Kildow, Ann (Grettenberger) King, Edwin Klug, Lacy (Hannan) Laarman, Mary Jane (Ray) Lang, Florajean (Frantz) Langley, Joan (Gibbard) Lalone, Wade & Millie Lawrence, Wade (Bill) Lawrence, Eldon LeBlond, Nancy (Jahn) Lee, Albert Lindke, Amy (Schoenfeld) Logan, Nick Madeline, Jack & Evelyn (Evans) Maison, Patricia (Kaake) Matthews, In Memory of Richard Matthews, Kathy (Louwsma) McGathy, Shirley (Swailes) McKillop, Richard & Kathleen (Reek) McKee, Doug & Ginger (Frantz) Miller, Art Molzon, Doris (Makedonsky) Muir, John Mulder, Sandra (Radelt) Neeley, Robert Nickora, Gail Nolin, Judy (Watkins) Payne, Ed & Kay Pauly Family, Richard Petrie, Joyce (Whiteman) Powers, Steve Rankin, Bill & Teresa Richey, Bob & Dorothy (Raetz) Rider, Susan (Wheeler) Ringrose, Chester & Suzanne Rivard, Delores (LaBair) Roach, Mary (Blaszczyk) Rodak, Roger Romine, Tom & Sue (Tanis) Romine, Dale Rowley, John F. Roy, Rose Mary Ruby, Pete Russell, Florence (White) Schiller, Jim & Nancy (Stryker) Schiller, David & Diane (Rankin) Schipono, James Schirmer, Harold & Dorothy (Weston) Schonfeld, Jerry Scott, Margaret (Taylor) Scott, Bill & Mary (Zavitz) Shaw, James Shayna, Mike Shayna, Fran (MacDonald) Shull, Leroy Simmons, Leota (McLean) Skwirsk, Beverly (Miles) Smith, Deby (Scott) Smith, Klerissa (Smith) Church, Zola (Weyer) Smith, Deanna (Dayton) Snoddy, Sandra (Ray) Spencer, June (Locke) Stein, Lyle L. Stephens, Lyle RussellStroup, Marion Strump, Joan (Watkins) Surdu, Nick Surdu, Bruce & Marilyn (Swailes) Swihart, Tim Swihart, Russell & Helen (Wheating) Teal, Nelda (Bush) Thompson, Dean & Vicki (Vincent) Thompson, Arlee (Klug) Thoroman, Gary Timmer, Barbara (Schwan) Twiss, Elizabeth (Mauk) Upleger, Terry & Laura VanAntwerp, Lee & Denise (Brown) VanderPloeg, Linda (Morningstar) VanPutten, Warren & Lynn (Vlieg) VanPutten, Art & Myrtle (Brandt) Vlieg, Dick & Eleanor (Yntema) Walker, Marie Walker, Betty (Stewart) Walton, Dorothy (McLean) Walton, Bill & Lorna (Williams) Warner, Rod & Gladys (McLean) Warner, Bill Weston, Dawson Whitkopf, Glenn & Patricia (Ettema) Wilcox, Donald Worthy, Lorne Worthy, Linda (Harrand) Wright, Douglas Young, Ruth (Knight) Young.

Robert Rider, President, Imlay City Schools Alumni Association
October 07, 2009

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