March 20 05:33 PM
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Legislators insulated from economies of life

To the Editor:

The Lords of Lansing are feverously working to resolve the budget deficit we have had for the past 7 or 8 years. Do you ever get the feeling these guys are more interested in what makes the party look good than what is good for the state? This state is in the toilet and the Lords are reaching for the flush lever. They would like to use stimulus money to pay down the deficit, moving the problem a few years down the road. Stimulus funds are earmarked for education and for job creation. They're cutting funding for education and scholarship grants. The grants were for the best and brightest graduates across the state. But the Lords just said screw you kids, Michigan doesn't need you.

I have a grandson graduating next year; he's worked hard to be eligible for the scholarship grant. He's participated in football, baseball, wrestling, the marching band, and theatrical presentations. To save money for college, he raised and showed livestock at the 4H fair, works part time at the Country Smoke House and cleans horse stalls for me. But the Lords say Michigan doesn't need college grads like him. Do you think a highly educated workforce is necessary for the resurgence of Michigan? Apparently they don't!

The Lords won't raise 'sin taxes' anymore. I don't know if they're more afraid of the devil or the lobbyists. So they are working on new tax ideas; a tax on bottled water and a tax on pop. What about a luxury tax on toilet paper?

A lot of people in the state are just about tapped-out of tax dollars. A news bite on the radio said that thousands of people's employment benefit extensions will run out in mid- December. We have had a million and half home foreclosures nationwide. Analysts forecast over 3 million more homes are moving through the foreclosure process today. The majority of these aren't sub-prime mortgages. These are people who took pay cuts to keep jobs or just lost jobs. The Lords will have to devise a homeless person tax.

Where are the Tea Party Patriots when you need them? The Lords of Lansing want to tax water!

We do have a few lawmakers who are trying to change things, but they are outnumbered. Kevin Daley seems to be an honest, intelligent guy with a lot of common sense and he tells it the way it is. Attributes such as these are held in disdain by your average political hack now running and ruining this state.

I don't know about you, but I think it's time to reduce benefits and increase co-pays for health insurance for the Lords of Lansing and their retired predecessors. Why should they be insulated from the economics of life in Michigan? It's happening to a lot of "us."

I believe our state may soon need a new state motto "Michigan, a great state to be from."

Tom Janicki, Almont Twp.
October 07, 2009

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