March 19 04:00 AM
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Tyler Reamer benefits

To the Editor:

We would like to thank all the people who helped with the Spaghetti Dinner benefit for Tyler Reamer. The benefit was a great success thanks to the many that helped in so many ways!

Special thanks to Bryan's Market, Bob and Cheryl Bryan, M&N Market, Paul Mashni, the Tri-City Times, Cathy Carter and Shirley Nickel at the Center Building, Carl Coffey and 103.1 F.M., County Press, LA View, special friends, Olivia McCormick, Keanan Hiltunen, Blasé Ruhlman, Ryan Lewis.

Thank you to Audrey Courneya for all your help on the signs! Great Job! Stephen's Mill Market, Five Lakes Grocery, Bryan and Penny Wiegert, Greenstone Farm Credit Services, The RV Barn on Tozer Road, Greg and Kelly Pettibone, Cari Pettibone, Jennifer Phillips, Cathy Darling, Ron Horton, Steve Bearup, Penske, Dupont, Randall Ettema, Don Wells, Response Welding, Katie Whitis and the Restless Knights, Steve Starking, Ken Lucas, Bob Clark, Dale Sansler, Teresa McCardle, John Ferkowicz, Burnel and Margie Wilson, McDonald's Restaurant in Lapeer, Mark Hiltunen for help with all the printing needs and all your other help, Grace Stawicki, North Branch faculty and staff, Shelly Cranick, Pat Williams of Otter Lake, Miss Hunt and the North Branch Thrift Shop, Daley Road Animal Care, Bowman's Outdoor Sports, Paul Lewis, Outback Jack's Feed and Seed, Yake's Auto, 4J's Café, Dulaya Memories in Art, North Branch Food Center, Scrap Happy, H&S Market, Grondin's, EG Nicks, Dr. Reinhardt, Burke's Flowers, Salon 101, Blondie's and Dagwood's, The Book Shelf, Marji and Alan Peet, Great Clips, Mancino's, Roosters, Outback Nails and Tanning, Full Circle Physical Therapy, Tri-County Equipment, Ray C's and Ray C's Extreme, Outback Nails, Fenton Shrink Wrap, Patrick Bonicki, Never Ending Story Resale Book Store, The Buckner family, Kevin and Debbie Vallie, Sam's Coney Island, Lapeer Gold and Diamond, Gerald Shaver, Dave Collins who got info for me, North Branch Bar and Grill, Mickey Hart, Custard Cabin, Italian Village Market, Tan Lines Unlimited, Chumley's, Deerfield Automotive, Applebee's, Rooster's Hair Salon, Marion Hunter, Fred and Wanda Sontag, Susann Newcombe, Robert Torney, Brent and Kitty Christensen, Ginger Reamer, Bill and Janie Howard, Rick and Sharon Reamer, Joyce Becker, Pat Janisch, Melanie Brockway, Dale and Debra Brinker, Shannon Fry.

Thank you to our chefs, Ray Shaver Jr., Janice Lefler, Jim Melzer and Rick Shaver. Also thanks to all the workers, Ryan and Melissa Reamer, Kit Melzer, Mark and Karen Atkins, Rich and Shelly Reamer, Allison and Caleb Reamer, Craig and Denise Tolen, Carrie Knox, Shawn and LeighAnna Courneya, Lori Carman, Lori Shaver, Vivian Harrington, Marie Harvey, Punky (Virginia) Harvey, Annie Morris, Marilyn Wilcox, Betty Shaver, Dale and Debra Brinker and Bill and Janie Howard.

It is so wonderful to have so many kind people giving from their hearts!

Sandy Shaver; Leroy, Tina & Tyler Reamer, North Branch
September 30, 2009

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