March 20 06:13 AM
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Is American the home of the brave or land of the greedy?

To the Editor:

Who does America really belong to? Every day brings another reminder about how the government had to do this or had to do that to save Big Money Corporations from destroying themselves. In the last year of the Bush Administration alone the federal government poured hundreds of billions of tax dollars into the banking and insurance industries with little or no public discussion or support. They said it would be good for everyone and maybe something did need to be done to save the system, so to speak. But when all is said and done, who actually did benefit: We the American People or the Global Corporate world?

The current controversy over health care reform is another example of America, home of the brave versus America Inc., home of the greedy. The insurance industry has had things its way for a long, long time and will do or say anything to keep things that way. We'll never know how much corporate, i.e. stockholder, cash has actually been spent over the past 40 or 50 years fighting against change that promises to be good for people but not so good for corporate profits.

Note that the insurance industry can afford more than six lobbyists to influence each member of the U.S. Congress and someone's spending a lot of money trying to turn public opinion against our self-interest. Does anyone really think that the small fortune it took to get the teabaggers cranked up came from average taxpaying Americans and not a corporate checkbook?

Also, those calling for tort reform purposefully hide the fact that the Corporate World only pays attention to money. It's the only way to get a message through to them. They know that if it doesn't hurt the bottom line, they simply do not have to pay attention and they are going to great lengths to take the power to do that away from us. If they succeed, it will leave regular folks with little or no legal recourse against Corporate misdeeds.

The attempt to take over America by the big Global Corporations is in full swing. What's not for sale they plan to brainwash us into giving them for free.

M. Waller, Attica
September 23, 2009

Castle Creek
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