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Writer needs to branch out for news

To the Editor:

This is regarding Catherine Minolli's column (Sept. 9 issue). I attended two Tea Parties—one in Imlay City, one in Troy, when the Tea Party Express arrived. A 2-beer guest at a wedding could cause more raised eyebrows than what occurred at either. Thousands support its cause against more government intrusion into their lives.

Does she really want government to control our every move? I'm sure she had a free adolescence, did everything she wanted to do, maybe even some of the illegal stuff. Now she's begging for government to replace her parents who didn't give a rip or were scared to discipline her. Now she wants someone to CARE!

I want health cure? I don't want doctors to manage my illness. I don't want to be treated like a pet. I have experienced hospital care. I have also experienced hospital cure. I opt for the latter. I want doctors to cure, show how to endure what can't be cured, and prescribe medicines that can help. But I don't want government to do it.

She sees conspiracy. Perhaps she didn't want to write about the Imlay City Tea Party because . . . uhm . . she didn't want to jeopardize her career. Seeing a conspiracy takes one off the hook for seeming like a conservative sympathizer. Unfortunately, she believes everything THEY tell her. How can she say she actually believes people think independently when she discredits Tea Party Patriots? Guess it could be said the roots of some folks in the Democrat party run deep enough to be violent radicalism.

Let me enlighten you. We're NOT a "vast right wing conspiracy." That's a name coined by the left wing power base in the '70s to disenfranchise a voting block. When the left gets scared they start name-calling. Soon the whole left is parroting whatever is spoken. The best example, probably in her lifetime, is when Ted Kennedy, bless his soul, trumpeted "Bush lied." You could actually follow the procession from top down to the unthinking plantation parrots. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) The mantra saturated the media. Meanwhile Democrats ignored Bush's warning about the grave economic situation. One thing is true, Obama promised to fundamentally change America. What does that mean now that Obama's lied?

How can one understand if you confine yourself to "one of two broadcast news sources" NPR? I listen to NPR and others. Does she think? Or is she a sponge? She only wants to absorb and spout what two news sources tell her is truth? Why is she afraid to watch FOX? Might find out she's a bigot?

Can she tell us how the Bolsheviks seized power? Can she tell us how the Great Depression occurred? Can she tell us why Hitler came to power? Someone (not a tea party patriot)recently told me Obama is like Hitler. I was shocked.

When you see old films of Hitler and all the German people, it's like he is telling them what they want to hear and they cheer. Hitler's rise was not unlike Obama's platform of change and the Democrats' cheering him. This doesn't prove Obama is a Hitler. But Hitler nationalized banks and business. How is this unlike Obama firing a GM executive and taking over the corporation? They asked for loans.

A lot of our parents revered Roosevelt after the Depression and the passage of Social Security. Congress repeatedly tries to keep Social Security and Medicare from going bankrupt. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed bailout as well as others. How much can taxpayers afford? Some reporters actually report two sides to a story.

She wants change. That's exactly what the Bolsheviks and Germany wanted. Is that what she wants? I don't want the U.S. ending up like Russia and Germany.

This is the USA. The government has contracts with its People, called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We're not subjects. Reading carefully, one sees that elected officials have not entirely upheld their oaths of office over the last 100 or more years. Now Obama has brazenly appointed three dozen officials with no accountability to the people. How is that not unconstitutional? Over the last few decades we've been told our government is a Democracy. I learned it was a Democratic Republic. Our representatives in Congress need to know what constituents think. Ergo the Tea Parties. Wish I could have gone to the Washington D.C. Tea Party.

Millie Sell, Imlay City
September 16, 2009

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