March 18 • 09:51 PM
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Ignore excuses, universal health care will help all Americans

To the Editor:

Why is it that the most expensive health care in the world is the least effective? What a sin it is that the richest country in the world has 45 million uninsured health care citizens. We rank 37th in the world in health care programs, and as long as it's for sale (lobbyists, pharmaceutical companies; A.M.A.)we'll never have everyone covered. Why is it that anything (like universal health care) that is rational in the world is irrational in the U.S.A.?

The other night I was in an area restaurant and the middle aged couple next to us asked the waitress, "What is there to do in Lapeer for teens and adults staying over night?" You know, we were stumped. They were returning home to Manitoba and taking a break and for an hour or so. We've lived here since 1974-museums? No. Driving ranges—no; We do have some rather secluded walking areas asking for trouble. Other than that we're not much of a tourist stop. They didn't want to stop in Flint—hmmm, wonder why? So they were pushing on to Lansing. Ultimately the conversation moved to health care. We asked about it.

They gave a Michael Moore smile. They said, "free prescriptions, free office calls, free hospitalization….whatever..what kind of a question was that?" I said I was still one of those looking for the place for the stamp on my email. It seems those that have health care are the most against universal health care. Go figure. The fears of the right wing talk radio people or journalists put out are not true. I believe in our new president, and I don't believe he is a liar. Do weapons of mass destruction and some 4,500 deaths of soldiers for nothing make them feel better?

Obama is tackling an issue that goes way back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. No youngsters, that's not a dollar store! Obama wants action and answers. I believe he is on the right track. So put away your fancy green welders caps with a red star and get with supporting something that will help all Americans.

Remember excuses are for losers. Why is it that a Christian nation cannot accept something in good faith?

Donn Hoganson, Lapeer
August 12, 2009

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