March 26 • 04:56 PM
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Emmett Twp. recall effort is baseless, wasting tax dollars

To the Editor:

When I was a child my grandfather lived with us and he taught us to ignore stupidity whenever possible, but, some things just can not be ignored. I am referring to the attempted recall of Mrs. Patricia Brozowski as Emmett Township Super-visor.

I have known Mrs. Brozowski for 30 years and have worked with her both at Capac Schools and as an election official when she was the township clerk, as well as being her friend. She has always had the highest standards of honesty and integrity and has worked tirelessly for the good of her employer and our community, where she has been a volunteer working on many projects and sitting on many boards that benefit the community.

The allegations leveled against her are as follows:

1. She was inaccessible 74 days into her tenure when a major property assessment was happening. Inaccessible…she was on a vacation cruise, which was booked and paid for months in advance of her election as supervisor. Who can predict what will be happening in their lives months in advance? Mrs. Brozowski checked with Rick Watza of the Assessment and Certification Division of the Michigan Department of Treasury, who certainly was aware of the situation. He advised her that everything she needed to do was done and there was no need for her to cancel the vacation. One advocate of the recall (who incidentally is the person she beat out for the supervisor's job in the November election) stated that most people work a year before they get a vacation…only if that is the company's policy. The township does not have a policy as to when an elected official can take their entitled vacation.

2. Conflict of interest as to a donation to Sunny Fields Botanical Park.

This proposed donation (which has been made in the past by the board) will not be decided by Pat Brozowski. It will be decided by the township board and has not yet come to a vote by them so there is no conflict of interest. Mrs. Brozowski volunteers both her time and money at Sunny Fields so that the township and community can have a beautiful place to visit. She in no way would benefit from this donation, so should we criticize her for being a volunteer?

3. Violation of civil rights because Mrs. Brozowski did not appoint someone to an open trustee's position.

As a trustee, he would be the overseer of the township clerk with whom he resides so couldn't this at some point in itself cause a conflict of interest?

4. Appointment of "non-qualified person" with a "non-majority vote"—the person was on the planning board for years but was not a registered voter. When the mistake was discovered, he resigned. Both appointments were done with a quorum of the board present and a full board attendance is not required.

If this recall is the only issue for the November ballot the total cost of holding this election would be paid by the township. If there are other issues on the ballot, the township would still be liable to pay for part of the election because of the recall. In this time of financial crisis for the township and all of us and because this recall is unwarranted, wasting hundreds of dollars in taxpayer's money to hold an election for this recall is ridiculous.

Wanda J. Behnke, Emmett Township
July 01, 2009

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