March 20 05:22 AM
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Attempted recall of Emmett supervisor unwarranted attack

To the Editor:

Sour grapes is said to make a very bitter wine. A sour loser makes a distasteful whine.

The attempted recall of Emmett Township Supervisor Pat Brozowski is simply an unwarranted attack on her character.

The charges are as humorous as they are ludicrous. The author is obviously on a mission of political self-destruction and is oblivious of what facts are. In short, facts are truths.

Politics 101 says know fact from fiction...

Charge #1 "Conflict of Interest:" In Supervisor Brozowski's six month tenure in office Sunny Fields park appropriation has never been on the agenda. How could it be a conflict?

Charge #2, "Civil Rights Violation:" There is no violation, just common sense. Are we to go from the Open Meetings Act to pillow talk? There may not be a law pertaining to this but it sure doesn't pass the political sniff test.

Charge #3 "Appointed a non-qualified person..." The man appointed was the most qualified by any litmus or measure. A member of the planning board for many years but he wasn't registered to vote. Is this such a grievous error on the part of the supervisor? Must everyone pass a means test to be a citizen? I think not.

Charge #4: "Vacation time..." To take a vacation after 74 days in office, seems to me everyone is entitled to vacation. The vacation was planned well in advance of the election. Does the author infer that anyone elected is to be on continuous service as a slave to the body politic? The anonymous author mentions the "burning assessor/tax issue," which is an ongoing situation being addressed as of this writing. The Emmett Twp. assessor has gone on written record saying that Supervisor Brozowski's work regarding this issue was completed.

I have known Pat Brozowski a very long time and I assure you she has nothing but the best intentions for Emmett Township. Her long, long legacy of community and public service speaks for itself.

Honesty and integrity are attained only after many good deeds. The author of this recall attempt, whomever they may be, has not earned the right to judge the character of Patricia Brozoswki.

Although I don't live in Emmett Township, my roots are firmly planted there. It is a proud part of my heritage.

Editor's note: For a story on the recall efforts, including the petition language, turn to page 10-A.

Doug Hunter, Lynn Twp.
June 17, 2009

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