March 26 • 06:37 AM
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Young Life offers hope, good times to teens

To the Editor:

It has been a very difficult economic time for many of the families of this area. Many of our neighbors have lost their jobs and their homes. This has had a significantly negative effect on our children.

In the midst of this very difficult downturn, a local organization, known as YOUNG LIFE is trying to help. This summer, YOUNG LIFE hopes to take 30 middle school students to camp at Timber Wolf Lake near Lake City, Michigan. We hope to send 40 to 45 high school students to Windy Gap camp in North Carolina. We will do this with a large grant from the national Young Life organization and local donations.

These camps teach the fundamentals of Christianity, good-decision making and the value of life-long healthy relationships. In addition, since these camps are "extreme adventure camps," every one of our previous campers (nine in 2006, 26 in 2007 and 40 in 2008), have reported to us that this was the best week of their lives.

Many of these students have worked to raise the funds for their camping experience. They have picked up trash at the Eastern Michigan Fair, worked with the inflatables with the Zone Productions organization and worked part-time jobs.

Their families have traditionally made up the difference to make this camping experience possible. This year, many of our students and their families cannot afford the full cost of camp. The score card looks like this:

•A number of our kids have raised the entire cost of camp: $625;

•Two of our kids have raised $525 for camp: $100 short;

•Ten of our kids have raised $425 for camp: $200 short;

•Five of our kids have raised $325 for camp: $300 short;

•One of our kids has raised $225 for camp: $400 short;

•Two of our kids have no funds for camp: $625 short.

If you would be willing to sponsor any of these young people or donate any amount to make their camping experience possible, please call any member of the YOUNG LIFE local committee. They are as follows: Dan Stern-Area Director, 810-614-2929,;

Marsey Nelson- 810-278-2555; Jimmie Arnold- 810-338-6507; Gene Sample- 810-724-1804; Ron Rickard- 810-417-0291.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. May God bless you and your family.

The Lapeer County Central Committee of YOUNG LIFE, Imlay City
June 03, 2009

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