March 26 07:38 AM
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AYSO volunteers sought to inspire youth

To the Editor:

If anyone would like to make a difference in a young athlete's life and have fun doing so, AYSO Region 1278 is always looking for volunteers to help out. Anyone interested may call 810-338-2181 to find out more.

Over the past several years of being involved with AYSO there is always such a positive response for not only how much the children are enjoying soccer but all the family and friends who come to enjoy the games week in and week out.

That is one of the positive motivators for all of our volunteers who donate so much of their personal time to our region. Our volunteers are greatly appreciated for all they do, even in the busy, hectic times of the season. We are encouraging interested volunteers to sign up during this season's registration.

Some positions require a larger time commitment and these positions are some open board positions. The time commitment can be less if we can get more volunteers to support our activities. If you have an interest to make an impact, talk to us during registration or by any other means to get the ball rolling.

Our current board is Regional Commissioner Louis Tisch (term ending coming up) Regional Commissioner Asst Paul Crow (term ending coming up) Regional Registrar Andrea Bara (term up and seeking replacement) Regional Treasurer Jennifer Kulin (recently moved from CVPA) Regional Safety Directory Pam Landerschier Regional Field Admin Pam Landerschier (term not up but needs volunteer help maintaining complex) Regional Coach Admin. Mike Giles (term ending coming up) Regional Referee Admin. Open (currently empty) Regional Child, Volunteer Protection Admin (CVPA) Amy Hart (recently moved from R. Treasurer).

Anyone interested in any of these positions is welcome to inquire about them. All board members will look at all opportunities of help and or replacement and will not just turn and run if you take on one of these responsibilities. We are here for the interest of our children and our communities that make up our region.

Also, our region is severely short on game officials. A standard is to have at least one referee for U6 & U8. U10 on up to U19 should have 3 referees per game. Over the past couple of years our number of referees has declined so greatly that we have been requesting the U6 through U10 coaches to either referee their own games or try and supply a "Parent Referee." We are setting up training in August and we can do more if needed. Last year we incorporated an incentive program for the official referees who donate their time on the field.

Do we as a region need to be better organized? Definitely. Can you as a resident help our region to grow and provide the best environment for our children? Absolutely. Let us know where you want to help, we'll find a spot for you.

Louis Tisch, Regional Commissioner, AYSO, Dryden
May 13, 2009

Castle Creek
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