March 22 • 09:18 AM
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More ‘Product of USA’ stickers, please

To the Editor:

The other day as I shopped at local grocery store I was surprised to find packages of fresh meat labeled "Product of Mexico," or "Product of Canada."

Last year, Country of Origin labeling was mandated for certain fresh meat and poultry products sold in retail stores.

Although I've probably been unaware that I was buying meat from Mexico or Canada, I simply found the idea of pumping more American dollars into other countries unacceptable.

I recently read that if every Michigan household spent $10 a week on Michigan products, we could put $36 million every week back into the state's economy. I just want to encourage everyone to observe and think before purchasing whatever they may be shopping for. If at all possible, buy products from Michigan or from a U.S. based business.

Likewise, on the day I found the "product of Mexico and Canada" stickers on the meat, I decided to go to another local business and buy meat that's produced here in Michigan.

Almont Township's Country Smokehouse, owned by Steve Francis, only sells meat produced here in Michigan, or from a U.S. based business. Buying locally may sound like a small step in helping our state and country rebound from its current recession, but it's not. By making people aware of the importance of patronizing businesses that support our local economy, we are hopefully starting a new day where we say no to products not made or produced in our country. In turn, we as a people would be saying yes to our country and our economy.

It was good to speak with Mr. Francis who felt strongly about supporting our Michigan farmers and U.S. based businesses. That's how we should all feel. That's what we all need to do to pick up our country that has fallen so low during these difficult times.

So take some time and research stores and products that support Michigan. Here are a few products you might want to consider next time you shop: Vlasic's, Awrey, Kellogg's, Morley's, Archway, Keebler, Melody Farms, Dairy Fresh, Absopure, Vernor's, Jiffy Mix, Faygo, Better Made, Pioneer and Big Chief, and many more.

If shoppers refuse to buy meat or poultry from other countries, the stores will ultimately be forced to sell U.S. based products. I hope to someday soon see product stickers that say "Product of U.S.A."

Valerie Davis, Imlay City
March 25, 2009

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