March 26 07:32 AM
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Some businesses keeping customers on ice

To the Editor:

It's that time of year again, where the snow and ice plague reigns (whether we like it or not), making for dangerous conditions both on and off the road. Thus, I'd like to take a moment to remind area business establishments of the necessity and of their legal obligation to properly and thoroughly remove snow and ice from all walkways around and leading up to their doors.

A couple of weeks ago, my partner and I visited a Lapeer area pub to check out a local blues band performing there. On the way in, I slipped on a large patch of ice on the sidewalk leading up to the front door of the business, badly twisting my ankle and scraping the palm of my hand where I attempted to catch myself. A friend we were meeting at this pub informed me later that she nearly fell in the same place. When I reported the incident to a member of the wait staff, she dismissively informed me that they don't really bother with ice removal around the front door as their "regulars" never use it, but instead enter through the side door on the west end of the building. Not being among the so-called "regulars," I didn't know this. After all, common sense would tell you to go through the front door. She reluctantly gave in to my demand that they spread salt by the front of the building. However, when we left an hour later, I took note that the area in question was still salt free.

Fortunately for me, nothing was broken. It was only a bad sprain. However, I can't help but think it could have been much worse. And it could be much worse for the next person to take a spill there. Not only is this a hazardous situation for patrons of this business, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

So a note of caution and a reminder to this and all businesses: Please be courteous to your patrons and take the time to remove snow and ice from all walkways. I realize it is not the easiest task to keep up with cleaning up after Mother Nature, but please do. Your patrons will thank you.

Alissa LeMerise, Lapeer
February 04, 2009

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