March 25 08:18 PM
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Nation requires big changes, but without changing our core laws

To the Editor:

Something definitely and differently needs to be done in our country to help our citizens. We need our health care problems fixed. We need jobs; we need credit flowing to and from the banking institutions so as to get money flowing again. We need a better plan to pay for the education of our children. This is AMERICA, no child should have to go without the best education, no man or woman should have to go without a decent paying job. And in AMERICA, everyone should have a good health care program.

Our politicians in Washington, I believe, want these things too, but they seem at a loss to come up with a plan that will work, or should I say appease their party.

They first need to forget about belonging to the Republican or Democratic party and care more about helping every citizen of the United States. That was the reason we voted them into office. Our Congressmen, Senators, and our President should be more interested in the success and well being of the people of this country, rather than their own pet projects, or those of their political parties. I would like to see them sit down and work together and use some good common sense to resolve some of these problems that are crippling our country today. Isn't that why we have these men and women in those positions? If not for this purpose, then what?

Come on people, it's not rocket science, government grants and tax credits could go a long way toward helping to rebuild our nation. Don't take over and try to nationalize the health care system. Give tax credits to companies so they can offer free health care to their workers. Give tax credits to the insurance companies as well. This will assist businesses in creating more jobs, and putting more people back to work. Don't step in and have the government try to run these plans. Subsidize private companies so they can create more jobs, building the roads and bridges, don't have the government running things. Big government doesn't work! Just give a helping hand and the American people can make it work.

Our governing bodies in Washington were put there to make laws to help us strive for a free and prosperous nation. Not to decide our fate, rule the people and dictate what is right and what is wrong. We only need guidance from Washington and plans that will help Americans to help themselves, we don't need the government to take care of us.

Give back some incentives to the business world so it can be profitable for them to stay in America and Americans can have those jobs. Don't put so many restrictions on Big Businesses that it is no longer profitable to remain in the United States. So many of them have left for this reason, but with some profitable incentives from our government, I'll bet they would gladly return.

We definitely need CHANGE, I just want it to be the kind of change that doesn't change the core of our Constitutional laws and rights as American citizens.

Susan Conn, Dryden
February 04, 2009

Castle Creek
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