March 22 09:03 AM
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United, nation can climb out of the mess

To the Editor:

Last week's Tri-City Times carried a letter to the Editor written by Deanna Wood of Attica titled "Only Obama voters should pay the price for erased tax cuts."

The writer makes a point: Obama voters should shoulder the tax cuts he will reimpose. We could carry her idea one step further; all the Bush voters should stand good to repay the $11 TRILLION dollars Bush borrowed and spent. That's about $30,000 for every man woman and child in the country.

When Curious George came to power, he cut taxes to stimulate the economy; that idea ranks right up there with having us invest our Social Security money in the stock market. Now we are going to pay back those taxes we didn't pay plus a TRILLION in interest. Washington overspent the 2008 budget by $1.2 TRILLION. We have a $50 BILLION a month trade deficit. The stock market lost $9 TRILLION of its value last year. When should the borrowing stop and who should begin paying down the debt?

Obama said he would raise taxes and an awful lot of people started whining and crying; they might have to adjust their lifestyle. We have 140,000 troops in Iraq fighting a war for the citizens of the United States; only they and their families have made changes to their lives and are making major sacrifices for you and me. If we are asked to start paying for the war instead of financing it, do you think our sacrifice can compare?

I don't mind paying taxes to live in the greatest country in history. What I don't like is how Washington spends those tax dollars.

The writer was concerned about the death tax. With the Obama plan, the first $2 million of an estate is tax free; John McCain's called for $1 million tax free. With 1% of the population controlling 90% of the wealth in this country, leaving 99% of us with 10% of the wealth, the death tax won't affect 95% of us.

The good old USA is in serious trouble; greed in Washington and on Wall Street has destroyed our economy. Congress then rewards the banks on Wall Street with a gift of $700 billion but won't give the Big Three $15 billion to save 3 million jobs. Thanks to George Bush stepping in, the Big Three got a partial bailout. What do you want to bet that lobbyists hired by the foreign auto makers to stop the bailout had a bad case of indigestion that day? Think about it— Congress overspent last year's budget by twelve thousand billion dollars but wouldn't give 15 billion to save 3 million jobs for you and me! With 62 registered lobbyists for each Congressmen in D.C. is it possible they bought enough Congressmen to kill the Big Three bailout?

Despite the broken budget, Congress just gave themselves a $5,000 raise. Do you think Congress deserves a pay increase? If you were writing their annual performance evaluation, how would you rate them: Meets expectations; exceeds expectations or just plain sucks? Let's all write an evalution and send it to them.

We as Americans have to realize our interdependence on each other; united we can climb out of this mess.

Tom Janicki, Almont Twp.
January 14, 2009

Castle Creek
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