October 17 03:32 AM
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New president faces salvage operation

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Deanna Woods' letter to the Editor "Only Obama Voters should pay the price for erased tax cuts" in last week's issue.

The writer refers to a survey she received that queries her thoughts on supposed tax increases to families, businesses and senior citizens. I would begin by asking who sent this survey? Was the source of the questions based on facts or framed by political spin? Is this source the same political party and ideology that has created this economic debacle? Most people would have learned something by now.

Every speech and bit of information that I have seen says that "liberal Obama and liberal Congress" (as Ms. Wood calls them) intends to cut taxes in spite of heavy fascist opposition. (Fascism as defined is government controlled by corporations, democracy is defined as corporations controlled by a representative government.) At least wait until Obama is inaugurated before deciding this is true or not.

Ms. Woods writes that there is no Obama supporter who would want to be forced to do something they didn't vote for. I have a couple of pages listing the things that I wish could have been withheld from the past eight years of Bush/Cheney government.

How about a war based on lies? How about the unrestrained gouging by the oil companies? The ripoff of the Social Security trust fund? The unfair trade policies, the deregulation of banks and mortgage companies? The shameful treatment of our veterans with the nighttime delivery of their remains? The supplying of munitions used to slaughter innocent civilians including children. I could go on and on...

If only I and about 70% of my fellow citizens could have had the chance to withhold from this Bush/Cheney Fascist gang.

Our economic situation is so dire that Obama is dealing with a train wreck to the degree and depth still not clear, or whether the problems have fully matured. We had better look to this new administration as a salvage operation for our basic survival. Inane political harping at a time like this is like gossiping during the act of drowning.

Joe Tribula, Almont Twp.
January 14, 2009

Castle Creek
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