March 25 08:15 PM
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Only Obama voters should pay the price for erased tax cuts

To the Editor:

I received a survey just before Christmas that spoke of the increases in taxes that the new administration (Obama) wants to do.

This survey asked for my input on the impact of the proposed tax increases to families, businesses and senior citizens.

We all knew before the November 4 election that Obama, the liberal House of Representatives and the liberal Congress had this intention. We all knew that they wanted to erase the tax cuts that were made in 2001 and 2003 and bring the taxes back to the level of what they were during the Clinton era.

To let this tax expire would average an increase of $1,716 for 100 million Americans. To let this tax expire would cost the average small business $3,617. To let this tax expire would affect 17 million seniors by an average of $2,034. It would reinstate the "Death Tax" (this would cost about $91 billion to reinstate) and the "Marriage Penalty Tax," which in 2000 cost married couples $1,480.

Since the election of 2006 the Congress and House of Representatives has a majority of Democrats.

I did not vote for Barack Obama because I knew he wanted to do this. However, according to a chart I got from Wikipedia, it shows the number of votes that went to different parties. Of those 69,445,229 or 52.92 percent of votes went to Obama.

Obama's political ploy was "Change." This is what I am asking from the Obama supporters: Since you voted for him knowing that he was intending to erase these tax cuts plus raise taxes, I would like to see these plans be enacted only to the ones who voted for him. The Obama administration can take any tax benefits from you but not from me or anyone else who did not vote for him. Also on the death and marriage tax that may come from your pocketbook. This is the "Change" you wanted, not me or millions of others. I also feel that since you voted for him you should pay for the share of taxes that I and others would be penalized with.

Once again I am asking for a response from Obama supporters. I would like to hear your feedback as to if this is acceptable with you. I'm not sure there is one Obama supporter who would want to be forced to do something they didn't vote for and neither do I.

Deanna Wood, Attica
January 07, 2009

Castle Creek
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