June 17 • 12:02 PM
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Wheaties and milk literally overflow in Morning Starter recipe

To the Editor:

Your recent column regarding Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday recipes from members of the Tri-City Times staff was greeted with much delight in my retiree's kitchen, where I spend lots of time preparing meals for my unretired wife and myself.

I dove right into them and we had several nice feasts because of them. One recipe, though, created some problems...from a gentleman calling himself Randy Jorgensen. It said to put half-a-box of Wheaties in a bowl, which I did. The recipe then said add milk, which I did. As I was adding the milk I kept reading to see how much milk, but it was nowhere in the instructions. I put what I figured was about enough, however as I got to the bottom of the bowl, I found I had some milk left. My wife, who was using a bigger spoon than I, also had some left!

In a normal household this excess milk would be awarded to the cat, but ours is lactose intolerant so we couldn't do that. Not wanting to waste the milk, I struggled out from under the afghan and went to the cupboard to get more Wheaties. We were out of Wheaties as I had used two half-boxes for our bowls and now I had one empty box! Ok, no problem...the store is just a couple miles away!!

I headed for the little market close to my house only to find them closed, so I had to go into town to the major grocery store for more Wheaties! When I returned I added the Wheaties to the milk I had left. a Wheatie or two more than milk is all soaked up....okay, add some more milk....gggrrrr...milk left over again...add Wheaties...

As you may notice, nowhere do I say how much milk or how many Wheaties as the instructions from your Mr. Jorgensen don't give a clue on amounts!!! I continued to wage the milk/Wheaties battle until football came on tv and I could go to cheese and crackers for my repast. (Does your Mr. Jorgensen do the cheese slicing instructions and cracker counting also???)

As my morning was completely disrupted by your omission of a complete recipe and I was required to leave the house to buy Wheaties and milk, burning gas at $3.59 a gallon to try to complete the meal offered on your pages, it seems only fair that I be reimbursed for my troubles caused by your lack of accuracy!! Please have Mr. Jorgensen stop by Lucky's and buy my beer until I feel better about this!!!

Editor's note: To see 'Randy's Morning Starter' recipe, visit our Web site at, click on the archives for the November 26 issue. Randy's famous "recipe" and others appear in the Lifestyles section. More recipes—none of them from Randy—also appear in the Dec. 3 Lifestyles section on the Web.

Dan Russell, Attica
December 10, 2008

Castle Creek
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