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Erma Whiteman appreciates cards, letters

Dear Editor,

This is to the friends and family of Erma Whiteman, who many remember from her days in Imlay City.

Erma appreciates the cards and letters at the time of her 95th birthday on Oct. 23. She is in good health for her age, but writing legibly is a challenge now. Actually she had to learn to write with her left hand for a while due to a fall last March when she broke her right arm. According to brain research, having to learn to function as a lefty is good for the whole brain. We try to take a positive view of things.

Erma wonders why she is living so long, and we don't have an answer, but we remind her that few ever have the opportunity to even ask that question. Our answer is that she has taken good care of her health over the years and exercise was an important part of that. She now uses a mobile walker for balance, works out at exercise classes, uses her treadmill, plays pool regularly and attends various programs and events at Independence Village.

To keep her mind stimulated she plays solitaire and she reads the Tri-City Times, another local newspaper and large print books and periodicals. She uses the TV for keeping up with local, national and world news.

She misses contact with old friends and family members, but she has made friends with many people at the Village since her move here in 2001. It is good to talk with your peer group even if you didn't grow up together or live in the same home town. We have a common personal history with people our age. Unfortunately the current world economic crisis seems like deja vu. Hopefully the outcome will be less tragic.

Our family will be getting together for Thanksgiving, and we seem to have gone back to my childhood days of having snow for the holiday, or was that only in the song 'Over the River and Through the Woods?' At 74, I don't quite trust my memory as not being overly romantic. I love the Dylan Thomas account in 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'... "I can never remember if it snowed for six days and six nights when I was 12, or whether it snowed for 12 days and 12 nights when I was six." If the truth be told, Wales at best gets two inches of snow per winter, but I come down on the side of childhood memories as being the real experience.

May each of you have a healthy, happy Thanksgiving with many fond memories of an earlier time. Thank you for your contacts with Erma over the years.

Joyce Powers, Brighton (formerly Imlay City)
November 26, 2008

Castle Creek
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