July 15 • 10:45 PM
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All BWAC team is named by league coaches

Dear Editor,

I am writing today in regard to the article on the All BWAC teams in last week's Sports section.

First let me start by saying what a wonderful team the Raiders were this year! I am probably their biggest fan! I attended every regular season game with my daughter, and appreciate the awesome time we had watching this team play. It was great having something to do every Friday night that we both enjoyed. This is definitely the best team to come out of Almont since I have lived here!

The real reason for my letter is because of the All BWAC teams that your paper chose. I totally agree with Strouse, Zott, McClue, Chilcote and Savage being named to your All BWAC team, but I am very surprised at a few of the players not making the team—or even getting an honorable mention.

The first that I want to mention is the Raider kicker, #4, McNally. I am amazed that he was not named to this team. McNally is by far the best kicker in the league, and I believe only missed one field goal the whole season. Another huge surprise was #5, Russell. There were several times Russell saved the game by making a wonderful catch, and he led the entire BWAC in receiving yards. How could he not even be mentioned as All BWAC?

The final, and in my opinion most surprising omission was #13, Melly. The kid plays like something out of the NFL. The first time I saw him play was when he was a 9th grader, and I kept thinking there was no way a kid that size and with that strength was in 9th grade. I forgot about him until he appeared mid-season on the varsity team last year. In my opinion he is the toughest, hardest working kid in the league! I don't think the kid ever leaves the field, and is tackling just as hard at the beginning of the game as at the end.

I am not sure what criteria is used when you pick these teams, but I really think you left off some wonderful players that should definitely receive some praise for their great seasons. I personally want to thank them and tell them what an asset they are to the Raider team.

Editor's note: Sports Editor Kevin Kissane's response is as follows:

"The Tri-City Times does not select the All-BWAC teams. That is decided by a list of nominees provided by the league's coaches. The better a team finishes in the league the more selections they receive. Who is placed on the team is determined solely by those nominations.

"The Tri-City Times All-Area football team, selected by us from a list nominees from our Tri-City Area coaches, will appear in next week's issue."

J. Evans, Almont
November 26, 2008

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