June 27 • 05:09 AM
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Many changes over six decades show more change yet to come

Dear Editor,

I'm approaching my 61st birthday, right before inauguration day.

I love politics, the debates, the analyzing of it all. It inspires me to think beyond my own little world, and pay more attention to what is becoming of my country.

I've seen a lot of 'change' in our country over the past 40 years. Some of it good, our country is the place that everyone wants to come to. We have some of the best technology, our way of life is better than anywhere in the world and we have freedom that a lot of people can only read about. Most of the 'change' in our country, however, is bad.

Our country has 'changed' from denouncing a government of taxation on its people to voting for more government control, and more taxation. If our forefathers didn't believe in fighting against this, we would all still be living in England.

Our country has 'changed' from its people greeting others with a "Merry Christmas" during the Christmas season, to a country where its people, to be sure and not offend anyone, will now say "Happy Holidays" instead.

Our country has 'changed' from teaching our children to respect their elders to a country that celebrates any and all questioning of authority—even parental.

Our country has 'changed' from Main Street news informing the average citizen about how their government is affecting their lives to a country with a news media that has gravely failed them with their partisan reporting.

I read once, that the only way this country could be destroyed, was from within. The enemy isn't going to come to our country with their guns blazing.

My friends, the enemy is already here. They're penetrating our high schools and universities and are now going after our elementary schools.

The 'changes' our country has made over the years have not, I'm afraid, been for the betterment of this country or its people.

Now, 'change' can be good if we could get back to praising our God without ridicule, whether we're in a school, a store, or in a restaurant.

'Change' can be good, if just speaking English could still be accepted, since it is the language of this country.

'Change' can be good if I could believe that my grandchildren would grow up in the free America that I did.

One man does not make or break a country, but the 'changes' that our government makes can.

I have, for many years, thought of myself as an independent voter. I've always believed in voting for the person that shared similar views and had similar opinions as my own, rather than the party that they represented. I've always belonged to the one party, the American party.

Whether you also are an avid political junkie like myself or someone who feels they already have too much on their plate to deal with, for that luxury, I hope you will take just a few moments to pause and be careful what you wish for.

The kind of 'change' that is being talked about today, no, glorified today, only sounds good to some because people are scared and upset and don't know where to turn. Have faith my friends, God works in mysterious ways.

Susan Conn, Dryden
October 22, 2008

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