June 17 • 01:14 AM
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Supervisor candidate eager to tackle issues

Dear Editor,

Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day. This year you will be electing a new president, vice president and state representative. The voters in Almont Township will also have a chance to elect a new Almont Township Supervisor.

The township ballot is on the back of the national election ballot. Please take the time to vote for township needs. Even with no other names listed for township supervisor it is still important to vote for this office. Along with national election changes, Almont Township needs some changes too. I would like to be part of the changes.

Some of the issues as I see them are:

•Stop subsidizing Building Department from the General Fund. The taxpayers should not have to subsidize this department. The entire department should be self supporting. This should include all administrative costs as well as all other department costs. This department enforces state code and it should not cost the township taxpayers money to have this department just to maintain so called "local control." I am certainly not against having a building department. I just do not think it should cost the taxpayers. So far we have paid thousands of dollars in legal expenses with no guarantee that the state will allow Almont township to keep the building department.

•Protect township deposits. Per the audited financial report dated June 30, 2008, Almont Township has over $1.3 million that is uninsured and uncollateralized putting our deposits at risk in the event of a bank failure. With the current financial crisis it is more important than ever to protect our deposits. The township needs a sound investment policy for custodial credit risk. (The uninsured amount could be reduced with the latest bailout bill)

•Eliminate administrative fee on property taxes. This is a fee that is added to your winter taxes for no apparent reason other than to take in more money. Even though it is a small amount it is a step in the right direction to lower taxes.

•First responder/ambulance. I am certainly in support of a medical response team for Almont. However, before Almont commits to any kind of service, we must complete a thorough review of all necessary equipment, personnel and other costs. Once this is completed the plan should be presented to Almont township residents.

These are just some of the issues that the next supervisor and the board must work on in the coming months. I would like to be a part of this.

I am committed to public service and will bring the same common sense, honesty and integrity to the office of Almont Supervisor that I used while serving the Almont residents for over 22 years as a member of the Almont School Board.

I am a lifelong resident of Almont Township and have been married for 36 years. We have three adult children and three grandchildren.

I am a 1971 graduate SVSU with a bachelor of arts degree.

Other qualifications include over 22 years Almont School Board; 16 years as President; three years as treasurer of the Lapeer County ISD Board; three years Almont Township ZBA, two years as chairman; board member Lapeer County Community Foundation and Family Literacy Center; Village of Almont Homecoming Committee chairman.

I would appreciate your support and vote on November 4. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me,, or call 810 798-3340.

Paul Bowman, Candidate for Almont Township Supervisor
October 08, 2008

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