March 21 • 06:50 AM
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Candidate resorts to more spin, lies and theatre

Dear Editor,

We all value the esteem and approval of our fellow citizens but to deny the accuracy of Mr. Wearing's August 27 column (Time for Obama to Start Fighting Back) by espousing deception built on spin goes beyond opinion into the realm of theatre. For instance, the 'swift boat' veterans were not the crew members of John Kerry, and the doctor who they claimed said that Kerry's wounds could be treated with a Band-aid, never saw Kerry. The crew of Kerry's boat and the doctor who treated him stand by him as a brave man.

Contrast that with John McCain. Look it up on the Internet at You might find out why his prison guards referred to him as the 'Prince' and why his interrogators called him the 'Songbird.' Why was he the only POW in the war to be treated at the civilian hospital in Hanoi?

John McCain holds a grade of 'D' by the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Vietnam Veterans of America claims he voted against them in 15 key votes. He recently voted against Senator Jim Webb's GI bill. John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years. I pity those veterans if McCain becomes president.

To answer the question what 'lens' does Wearing see the world? I would reply that living in the 'dark' world of Karl Rove politics, any lens would be useless.

The charge of class warfare is a little late as that war is already over and the tenebrous fascists have won. Just look at the wage spiral, foreclosures, bankruptcies and misery. While the fascists pray to the God of money, I'll bet my 3 score and 10 on the God of the 'Golden Rule.'

I can endure a president (Clinton) lying about an extra marital affair any time over the lies of WMDs and ties to terrorists. Lies that resulted in the 'sum of all evils'—Unjust War.

Initially, I misconstrued the writer from Allenton as attempting to butter me up by calling me a 'Left Wing Radical Liberal.' But after reading it a second time I realized his intention was not to sweet talk me, but to insult me. Allow me to help out. A better phrase would have been, 'Low-life despicable scum' or even worse, Republican.

Joe Tribula, Almont
September 17, 2008

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