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Columnist still canít get over Bush being elected two times

Dear Editor,

Tom Wearing's column in your August 27th edition cries out for reply. He begins with the assertion that McCain and the Republicans are guilty of nasty ads and personal attacks on the Messiah, Barack Obama. Of course the ads that are promoted by the Democratic Party and groups such as Move On.Org must be, in his mind, simply a recitation of the pure truth without any embellishment or nastiness. If your columnist cannot see that both political parties and other groups engage in negative advertising he must be only viewing NBC; the National Barack Channel and one must ask through what lens does he see the world?

Even though George W. Bush has only five months left as president, Mr. Wearing cannot get over that he was elected twice. He attributes his election to "exhausting, venomous barrage of untruths..." He conveniently fails to mention ads such as the one showing a black man being dragged behind a truck in Texas with the message that George Bush promotes hate crimes. His column goes on to claim that Bush is the worst president in modern American history. His memory is clearly suspect if he cannot remember the Jimmy Carter years when we experienced a 21 percent inflation rate, a pronouncement by Carter that Americans had to get used to being a second rate nation and Carter's paralysis when Iran took hostages in our embassy in Tehran. He must have forgotten how a president looked the American people in the eyes and said "I did not have sex with that woman," and would have got away with the lie but for the infamous "blue dress."

The columnist goes on to claim that he was "hoodwinked" into believing that John Kerry was pro-abortion and favored gay marriage. I must have missed the Democratic party ads during the last election that stated that Kerry wanted to overturn Roe V. Wade and that he opposed his own state, Massachusetts, when it permitted marriage between individuals of the same sex. Perhaps Mr. Wearing could point out where John Kerry made such assertions. Additionally I query how one as perceptive as Mr. Wearing claims to be about Barack Obama could have been so obtuse as to be "hoodwinked" four years ago.

The next accusation relates to the "swiftboat" veterans' opposition to Kerry. I would urge your columnist to talk with people who were in Vietnam at the same place, at the same time as Kerry and get their take on his behavior. I think he would look at John Kerry in a vastly different light. Quite simply the man was, and is, a fraud. A simple example is he claimed throwing away his medals in protest to the war only later to admit during his campaign that he didn't really throw his medals away.

Lastly, the column addresses the Republican charge that Obama doesn't have the experience to be president. Wearing's response is George Bush had no experience when elected and look at what a mess he made. I may be naive, but if the lack of experience resulted in all the terrible things George Bush has allegedly done, why would we want to repeat the mistake with Obama?

Wearing claims that the election should be a slam dunk for Obama and plays the class warfare card by saying Obama has "newfangled ideas that don't cater to corporations and the wealthy that can be frightening." What these "newfangled" ideas consist of are not defined by Wearing nor have they been defined by Obama and they will not be defined. If the electorate understood what Obama really represents his support would dwindle even more than it has. What we can see so far is that he is a socialist that will engage in income redistribution, government takeover of segments of our business and industry and a naive appeasement policy as regards foreign affairs. His approach to foreign policy seems to be warmed over Jimmy Carter which was a disaster. To date all one can conclude about Obama is that he is an empty suit who is all blow and no go.

One pundit once said that to a conservative "seeing is believing." To a liberal "Believing is seeing." Your columnist is a believer and as a result sees what doesn't exist, but as a Democratic believer he has hope. With hope and a buck and a quarter you still might get a cup of coffee.

John L. Lengemann, Imlay City
September 03, 2008

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