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John Stahl didnít keep his pro-life promise

Dear Editor,

I received in the mail the day before the August 5 primary election a disturbing letter that I felt was very slanderous against a candidate who was running for state representative. This letter told of this gentleman's past and how many marriages he had and talked of numerous affairs. I realized that I had been married twice and I have a past. I felt that whoever sent this letter didn't want to forgive this gentleman and they wanted me to see him as they did, as someone who should not be trusted. I felt sorry for this gentleman because dirty politics were hard at work. Of course since this letter was so slanderous, there was no signature.

I called him and told him what I received but said in no way did this change my thoughts. I said if people would be honest, we all have a past and most of us have one that we aren't always proud of. What is important is what has this person become today.

If there is one thing that upsets me it is to receive something like this with no signature. That shows me that there may be some truth but perhaps it's mostly lies. So, the letter went on to say this gentleman did not vote in the last election for John Stahl. They claimed in the letter that this man is pro choice and not pro life as he claims because he didn't vote for Stahl. How would they know that?

I myself did not vote for John Stahl the last time and I am very much pro life. I listened to John Stahl in January of 2006 give an endorsement to a pro life issue. He stood at the courthouse when he gave his speech and a month later he did a total turnaround. I called him and listened to him be very negative about the issue.

I wrote John Stahl a couple of times, put a letter in the paper asking him to respond to no avail. I am still waiting to hear from him as to why he changed his mind on the amendment.

To whoever sent the slanderous letter, I feel sorry for you that you felt you had to do this.

Deanna Wood, Attica
August 13, 2008

Castle Creek
Milnes Ford
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