May 22 07:48 PM
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No matter outcome, candidate says thanks

Dear Editor,

It is Sunday evening. The polls won't open for another 36 hours, but I don't need to know the results in order to thank the people who have helped and supported me through this campaign. In my devotions recently, God reminded me that gratitude is not dependent on results. As you read this, you know the primary results. But as I write it, I don't know if I will continue to be County Treasurer. That doesn't change how I feel.

These lines are from a friend's Care Page, "True gratitude actually hurts. It is a 'thanks' that comes from the core of your being. Gratitude comes from your heart and soul and you can actually feel it." While I have not gone through nearly the situation she has gone through, I understand what she means about gratitude. I have been innundated by calls, letters, contributions and, most importantly, prayer. Throughout this campaign, I have been reminded of how many wonderful people I have come to know in Lapeer County.

I can't list every person who has supported me. There are too many. My family has been awesome! My husband, my son, my brothers and sister, my mom. You have all done everything possible. From my son posting bulletins on MySpace to my brother using a vacation day to help my husband put up signs to my sister and her girls silk-screening signs to walk in the Blueberry Festival Parade with my 82-year-old mom, this campaign has been a family affair. I wouldn't have it any other way.

The support has not only been from my biological family. My church family, my Kiwanis family, and the North Branch school family have been great. Your calls, notes, emails arrive just when needed. And you constantly remind me that you are praying for me. Folks along the parade routes will not forget your smiles and your children's chants. Thank you.

My fellow public servants have also been a source of strength. Early in the campaign, I was mocked for calling you friends. I was told you are co-workers, not friends. You have proven that statement to be false. You are my friends. From county commissioners to township and village officials to attorneys, title workers, business owners and dozens of other people whom I have met through work, I thank you. There have been a few of you, and you know who you are, that have gone so far beyond what I could ever have imagined that I will never be able to thank you adequately. You remind me why I am in public service.

This campaign has been a challenge, but I am proud of what we did. I have no regrets. I can look people in the eye. The people of Lapeer got a chance to see who I am, what I do, and how important service is to me. I hope to continue serving Lapeer as County Treasurer for many more years, but regardless of the outcome of the election, I will continue serving. God is in control. I know that I will be doing what He wants me to be doing. There is no greater peace than that.

Sally W. Eilersen, Lapeer County Treasurer
August 06, 2008

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