July 15 • 10:45 PM
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Voters should educate themselves on candidate’s promises

Dear Editor,

As I read in editorials the pros and cons for Barack Hussein Obama, I hope that the people are taking the time to educate themselves not only what Obama and his followers want you to know but also the negative side of his campaign. As with all candidates who are running for office in one capacity or another there can be another side.

One thing I am learning is that the "changes" Obama wants to make are not new. According to articles that I have read that virtually everything for his domestic policies are straight out of the '60s and virtually everything for his foreign policies are straight from the '30s.

But let's ask ourselves this: he claims that by the end of his first year there will be universal health care. Out of whose pocket will that come?

Please do not misunderstand, I wish everyone to have health care. I have close family members who do not have health care, so it is important. But I need to know who will foot the bill.

In Oregon right now there is an elderly person who is being denied government health care for the return of cancer. Why? The state says she is too old and the cost will be too high. Rather, they will give her comfort care until she dies rather than chemo to prolong her life. Do you believe that could not happen to us with universal? That we will lose the right to make health care decisions once the government is involved?

I hear the public proclaim that they have waited for a long time to vote for a black person and that his complete lack of leadership experience makes him the perfect agent of change. His parents are Muslim and white so he is not African American. What I find troubling is that he doesn't correct that a lot.

Now I must ask if you had to have heart surgery, cancer, etc., would you seek out someone with no experience or would you prefer someone with a deep understanding of what you must go through?

Obama says in his campaign speeches "that my opponent will not be able to say I voted for the war in Iraq." He is absolutely right. Why? He was not a member of Congress and therefore he couldn't vote.

Obama voted to defund U.S. domestic oil exploration, voted to ban U.S. drilling in ANWR and block all efforts to increase U.S. refining capacity, voted to force Americans to reduce their oil consumption by 40 percent rather than the five percent Congress supports by 2025.

Last of all, according to his campaign Web site Obama is a "child advocate," that he is a committed advocate for children and he will protect children from violence and neglect. If he is elected he will be the most pro abortion president we ever had. He supports Planned Parenthood. Our tax dollars gave over $3.5 million dollars to Planned Parenthood last year. If he gets into office he will make sure that we continue to give tax dollars to them plus he wants to increase the funding. When he was the Senator of Illinois he conceded on a bill that would protect the baby that survived an abortion that was living outside the mother to be given medical help to live. He voted against the ban on partial birth abortion. Most of our government officials claim that partial birth abortion is a horrific procedure and it should stop but there must be a clause that states "except for the health of the mother." How can a procedure that takes three days be for the health of the mother? Shouldn't it be done immediately if it is to save the mother? I can tell you more but it is up to you to educate yourself. There are many Web sites to learn things, if you so choose. Knowledge is wisdom.

Editor's note: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is still a U.S. Senator from Illinois. His father is from Kenya, his mother is from Kansas. He asserts his faith as Christian.

About one-third of funding for Planned Parenthood is derived from government grants and contracts. Obama's voting record is available through Project Vote Smart at the Web site

Deanna Wood, Attica
June 25, 2008

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