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Proper installation required for brick pavers

Dear Editor,

The Village of Almont's future looks bright with plans for the improvements of the streetscape. Yet understanding the challenges such as safety, budgets, environmental issues, structural integrity, installation, field performance, weathering and maintenance is available to assist in making informed decisions regarding such projects.

The community and local businesses have worked hard to preserve the historical appeal. Current conditions show cracked concrete and heaving pavers. The proposed plan is to incorporate stamped, colored concrete.

I work for a brick paver and retaining wall manufacturing company. We have assisted many cities, townships and communities with their streetscapes. Downtown Imlay City, Richmond streetscape, Milford streetscape and South Lyon, to name a few. There are also many that are headed for phase two such as downtown Utica and Eastpointe. Campus Martius Park and University of Detroit Mercy, Woodward Avenue, Frankenmuth's streetscape and Green Oak Village shopping mall in Brighton are a handful of projects that have incorporated brick pavers into their beautification process.

Environmental consideration of poured concrete is a challenge with the freeze-thaw cycle of Michigan weather. Installation of concrete or brick pavers will most definitely lead to problems when they are not installed at the proper time of year, winter is not a recommended practice.

Brick pavers are a segmental concrete system that is designed as a flexible pavement, calculated to unnoticeably move with the conditions of our Michigan weather and have proven data of long-term performance. Unlike other means of roadways and sidewalks, concrete pavers eliminate cracking. When cracking occurs on cast in place concrete, shifting will take place of any surrounding aesthetics. Pavers also have additional benefits as well. They are able to withstand heavy point loading and having the capability to have access to underground utilities, in which Almont had a situation that pavers had to be lifted up and replaced once their underground issue was corrected.

The long-term cost efficiency, strength, and safety of properly executed brick paver installations have established many residential, commercial, municipalities, streets, arenas and airport applications throughout the North East United States. They will continue to exceed the industry standards for durability, quality and design.

Sue Curlett, Imlay City
June 11, 2008

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