July 16 • 06:43 PM
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Capac police chief welcomed home after recent shooting

Dear Editor,

I just want to express how happy I am at the homecoming of Chief Hawks. He has had so many people praying for him, that I'm sure there was no other outcome possible! Apparently he has done his part by working overtime in his physical therapy regime in order to make this happen. They tell him to do ten exercises, and he does twenty. What else would you expect from a Capac hometown hero!

I know Chief Hawks and his wife both professionally and personally. As a former councilperson, I can vouch for the way he does his job. His first concern is for the citizens here and in my opinion he is exceptional at ridding our village of hidden vices such as drug houses. He does his job with minimum expectation of recognition and maximum kindness. Personally, he and his wife Vickie have been my friends for several years, and I know him to be a really decent human being—humble, funny, and sincere. But even I was amazed while sitting at the hospital on the night he was shot, at the number of people who came pouring in, shocked at what had happened, and telling stories of his bravery—times when he saved lives, times when he influenced people to turn thier lives around, and times when he did gracious favors (like stopping and buying a prisoner in his custody a meal, so the young man would not go through the system hungry).

Many former Pontiac police co-workers came to tell of their affection for this man they worked for and with, years ago. Many current law enforcement colleagues also came to tell of their friendship and respect for the Chief. Even the man who delivers office supplies to the police station came that evening because he had come to care about this kind and decent man.

Welcome home, Chief Hawks. Your friends and the community of ordinary men and woman you protect and serve everyday will continue to support you and pray for your full recovery.

Thank you Chief Hawks, you are our hero. God bless.

Sharon Edwards, Capac
June 11, 2008

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