May 20 11:48 AM
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Pantry looks to generate interest in Angel Food Ministries start-up

Dear Editor,

The recent start up of the Brown City Community Food Pantry has filled the needs of an average of 150 families each month for the past 3 consecutive months. We have also filled numerous emergency needs since the first of the year as well. With the unfortunate situation of the Michigan economy, we feel the number of families will continue to increase.

Every $1 that is donated will purchase $14 worth of food through the Eastern Michigan Food Bank. A wonderful opportunity available to help those that are in need at such an unfortunate economic time. A full cargo truck of food can be purchased for the amount of $600. The truck will benefit up to 250 families of four with food for approximately three days.

We would like to give a big 'Thank You' to the businesses and also community members for the donations that we have received since the first of the year. We would also like to thank The Brown City Fire Department and the many volunteers, who give up their time to come and participate as well. Without the volunteers and the donations from the community, we would not be able to help the many families that need us at this time.

In order to keep the help available, we need you! We are asking all businesses, groups and individuals to please help us out with a donation. We cannot do this without you! This food pantry has been such a blessing to so many families. With limited donations at this time, it is sad to think that we may not be able to continue the trucks through the summer. A time in which children are home from school and families feel even more pressure with increasing costs. At this point, our last mobile food truck is scheduled for May 29. Please consider making a donation so that we can, together, help put food on the tables of those that are in need, and continue to have a mobile food truck each month.

We have been looking into a cost saving food program for our local area families. Several local families have been participating with the Angel Food Ministries, purchasing a regular box of food for $30 (avg. $60 value) checking the quality, etc. of the food. It's wonderful! This program is available to everyone, regardless of income. And, bridge cards are accepted for payment as well! The regular box of food contains enough groceries to feed a family of four for a week, or a senior citizen for a month! Each month the menu is different and the menu consists of both fresh and frozen items. There are additional add on boxes that you can purchase along with your regular box that mainly consist of cost saving meat bundles that are very inexpensive. The meats are all individually packaged for convenience as well.

The Angel Food Ministries' cost saving food program is something that the Brown City Community Food Pantry volunteers are interested in offering locally to the community if we generate enough interest from people wanting to purchase. We would need to meet a minimum each month of regular boxes to participate in the program. Please let us know if this is something that you would be interested in, or if you have any questions in regard to it.

We would greatly appreciate any donation that you could make at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of us at your convenience. Renee Nason 810-614-9595, Kelly Hillman 810-346-2745 or 888-346-0800, Karen McPhail 810-346-2465.

Brown City Community Food Pantry
May 07, 2008

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