February 16 • 04:43 PM
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Economic reality forces Daily Grind to close

Dear Editor,

It is with a tremendous amount of sorrow and grief that I bring this announcement to you. The Daily Grind Cafe & Sweet Shoppe, located at 125 N Almont, Imlay City will close its doors on April 30. I cannot even begin to adequately verbalize the sadness that this has caused me personally, and how this news has affected our family and friends as well.

I would like to thank our loyal and very supportive customers who have become our great friends. The laughter, encouragement, kind words, and just great memories will never be forgotten. In fact, that has been what has kept us hanging on so long even though the numbers kept telling a very real situation was at hand.

The goal of my husband Tim and I has always been to create classy businesses that Imlay City could and would be proud of. I believe that we have acheived that goal with The Daily Grind Cafe, Pro Tanning, and Pro Masonry Construction, INC. The bottom line is that you have to have the volume and the traffic to support the businesses. Although we gave our every effort to succeed, the economic times have caused a great problem, and we cannot ignore it any longer. "It is what it is," and "the numbers don't lie."

I am grateful for the lessons I have learned, some of which have been extremely difficult. I am thankful for the relationships that I have had the privilege of building along the way—these are what I will miss the most.

I was recently told that "you have to care more about the money than the people," and it was then that I realized that I will never be a millionaire because I wholeheartedly care about people more. At the end of the day I can comfortably lay down before God knowing that money was not the bottom line—people were. So I will probably never be rich in this lifetime, but I desire to build eternal investments instead. It's a choice—one can very rarely have both.

From the very beginning I have desired that this business be honoring to God. I am thankful that God allowed me the opportunity to serve the community of Imlay City through the Daily Grind Cafe, and I look forward to what His plans are for me in the future.

Wendi Blatt, Imlay City
April 23, 2008

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