May 26 11:57 AM
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Board supervisor commended for patience, leadership

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend you for your editor's note to the concerned Almont Township resident in the March 5th issue regarding the number of times your paper has reported on the status of the Almont Township Fire Hall. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend the majority of Almont Township residents who have remained unbigoted on some of the significant issues that face our township.

As most of you are probably aware, the two most significant issues facing our community today are retention of our building department and improvements to our fire hall/fire department. These two efforts alone have been long and arduous for this board.

About a year ago the township board made a conscientious decision to retain our building department to serve our constituents. Since taking over the leadership of the building department in Dec. 2006, Mr. Tim Israel, Joe Israel, and Pete Feldman have established one of the most professional, well organized building departments that I believe is second to none in the state of Michigan. I have the utmost confidence that this outstanding team will prevail with the state and we will retain our building department.

With regard to the fire department and new fire hall, I have to say it is getting difficult to stay focused while dealing with the negative rhetoric and unfounded criticism from the uninformed minority, the "concerned resident," the 20/20 hindsight rocket scientists and the Monday morning quarterbacks within our township. However, we are fortunate to have a township supervisor who continues to stay focused on the real issues facing this township and your best interests.

I can't say enough about Mr. Groesbeck's patience and quality leadership in moving this township forward, dealing with and staying focused on the real issues that affect residents, their families and their well-being. As a retired Macomb County Sheriff's Deputy, Mr. Groesbeck's natural and trained tendencies are to work for and advance the well-being of our community. Those of you who have had any dealings with Gary (Groesbeck) know exactly what I am talking about. I commend him for his patience, tenacity and leadership and I am proud to serve with him.

It is unfortunate that certain individuals within our township continue to attempt to undermine the efforts of this township board in areas of significant safety, cost, well-being and the future of our citizens. This board, with Mr. Groesbeck's leadership and the community's continued support, will endeavor to deal with the behind the scenes undermining of progress, the deliberate attempts to misinform the public, the sniping during public meetings, and yes, the township rocket scientists.

I thank all the residents for their continued support and I encourage all of them to participate with us. I assure each and every resident that we are moving forward with their best interest in mind.

Dennis L. Sweers, Almont Twp. Trustee
March 19, 2008

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