May 26 12:20 PM
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Chamber looks to expand community involvement in festival

Dear Editor,

In the past two and a half months, The Imlay City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has worked diligently to reassess and refine the Chamber's mission, particularly as it relates to the businesses and organizations that it is intended to serve. We have also made revisions to our collective objectives and goals, so that we may, in fact, better serve the intended mission, and thus better serve our membership and business community.

In summary, our mission is to be a voice for Chamber members; to help businesses be successful through business tools and promotion opportunities; to work better with other organizations; and to promote the Imlay City area in general. Since the sole financial support of the Chamber is from dues derived of its membership, and any fundraising held throughout the year, our first priority must be to ensure that we are meeting the goals set toward satisfying those Chamber members.

Naturally, our Chamber's mission includes the desire to improve our ability to serve the community as a whole, and to foster harmonious relationships and involvement with the many other fine organizations in our community. We all share the common goal of making Imlay City a great place to live, work, play, and visit.

This year, we are revising our sponsorship of the Blueberry Festival so that it may truly represent a more community-based event. It is necessary that we join forces with other willing organizations and individuals to spearhead the planning, management, and staffing of the many events held throughout the festival.

As of this writing, our first meeting will have been held, and hopefully it was a great success with many participants sharing their exciting ideas. In the near future, there will certainly be more opportunities for all those interested and willing to offer their creativity and precious energies.

This expansion of community involvement is not only to help maintain the Chamber's focus on promoting business and the local economy, but to also improve the festival itself by taking advantage of the great diversity of skills, ideas, and resources that will be available from each of the volunteer organizations and individuals that participate. Our past Blueberry Committee has done a wonderful job, and it is our hope that the previous core group will continue to contribute to this widely-anticipated community event.

Also, I would like to extend a much deserved thank you to Yvonne Wilson for doing an excellent job as Interim Executive Director during our period of transition.

Ken Swanstrom
January 30, 2008

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