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Homeschool athletes have earned respect, deserve support

Dear Editor,

Recently in the Kenny Pickett column of the Tri-City Times, it was predicted that Capac High School would "not only find out where Summit Academy is but return with a non-conference win to their credit."

The quote is interesting as Summit Academy, a local team, has never been followed by the Tri-City Times previously.

Summit did go on to win against Capac by a score of 8-0. An incredibly respectable appearance after the Times inferred Capac didn't even know where Summit was.

This is par for the course for the Summit team. Summit is a team that consists of all homeschoolers. Summit rarely commands the respect it deserves while it competes with ranked schools in southeast Michigan. This homeschool team has struggled to find teams that would give them even the respect of scheduling non-conference games with them. And yet, Summit has won five State Championships and competed in two National Championships, placing 2nd each time, in Nebraska. These kids have to pay and struggle to compete in the high school venue. Some travel an hour just to practice each day; a feat in itself as even getting practice fields is a struggle. There are no team buses, no home field that is maintained by a school district, no school uniforms, etc. These kids have to pay every cent of their high school sports experience. Their costs will hugely exceed the usual "pay to play" of public schools. It's about time they get some respect and you report on them weekly as they consider this their "home" area. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the respectability of the boys they played from Capac. They were kind and considerate young men with great sportsmanship on the field. Summit was glad to have the opportunity to play against them. I think Summit earned the respect of Capac this week, and hopefully, they'll earn the respect of sports reporters and papers such as the Times. They have earned the right to play big schools with their huge winning records! To learn more about Summit Academy, visit their website at They are looking for sponsors to help with their trip in two weeks to Fort Wayne, IN, for the Midwest Regional competitions and then on to Kansas City, MO, for the National Champion-ship this year! Homeschool kids have never deserved such respect as they do now!

Editor's note: Prior to receipt of this letter, arrangements had already been made with Summit Sports Club Athletic Director Keith Koslerich to do a feature story on Summit Sports Club athletes. The story will appear in a future edition of the Tri-City Times.

Kristan Russell, Almont
October 10, 2007

Castle Creek
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