April 24 11:11 AM
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Obscuring the meaning of plain words

Dear Editor,

The Republican think tanks and Fox TV are approaching the time when even they can't discern reality since they have obscured the meaning of what were plain words.

For instance 'Fascist' or 'Fascism.' My 2,500 page Thorndyke dictionary defines it as "the government of Italy from 1922 to 1943, under Benito Mussolini. Ruled by a dictator, with strong control of industry and labor by the central government, great restrictions upon the freedom of individuals and extreme nationalism and militarism."

Here's another definition: 'Nazi' "(1) a member or supporter of the nationalist or socialist party; a fascist political party in Germany lead by Adolf Hitler who believed in state control of industry. Opposed to labor unions socialism and Judaism. (2) A believer in similar doctrines in any country; any fascist."

Then there's 'Conservative,' defined as "a person who is opposed to change either by nature or on principle."

And 'Republican,' which reads "of a republic; a nation in which the citizens elect representatives to manage the government. Examples are the United States, Mexico or any one of the major political divisions of the Soviet Union such as Lativa."

And 'Democrat,' defined as "a person who believes that a government should be run by the people who live under it. A person who treats other people as equal," and 'Liberal,' which reads "tolerent: Not narrow in one's ideas and views; broadminded. Belonging to a political party, especially the liberal party of Great Britain, that favors progress and reforms."

'Socialist' is defined as "a theory or system of social organization by which the major means of production and distribution are owned managed or controlled by the government," and 'Communism' reads "same as Socialist except the means to establish itself, communism by force, socialism by peaceful means."

Now that Fox News billionaire mogul Rupert Murdoch has purchased the Wall Street Journal and Baron's magazine we are sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand of manipulated programmed propaganda. So when reporters at Fox say they are "fair and balanced" they would need to have a socialist or communist to balance their extreme right wing positions. When have you ever heard how many of our troops were killed or wounded on any given day on Fox News?

Joseph Tribula, Almont Twp.
August 22, 2007

Castle Creek
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